Why can't you steal things from retail cabinets?

Have you ever used an unmanned counter? Compared with the previous unmanned vending machines, unmanned kiosks will no longer have the embarrassment of "paid but not shipped". With the new RFID unmanned counter, you only need to scan the code to open the door, take out the things, and close the door, and the system will automatically settle the price.

        In an unmanned kiosk, there will be 20 boxes of milk, 20 bottles of juice, 25 cans of coffee and 40 cans of soda, and perhaps 5 boxes of instant noodles and 10 bags of cakes. These add up to a rough calculation and there are seven or eight hundred dollars, but the maintenance staff can rest assured and bold, let the RFID kiosk "manage" these products alone.

       Is there any way to "cheat" the unmanned counters and take away the goods in the cabinets for free? Take it directly? Every product has an "ID card". When you take out the goods from the small shop, you will find a long label on the items; looking through the light, there seems to be a "line" going around in this label. This is exactly the "ID card" of every item, the RFID tag.

        This tag is called a radio frequency identification tag (RFID). You may have heard of this name for the first time, but RFID technology has appeared in our lives very early. Bus cards, access control cards, canteen meal cards... They all use RFID technology.

        The usual RFID system includes readers, electronic tags and application systems. Whenever you take away the goods, the RFID reader in the cabinet of the commissary will send out a signal of a specific frequency. The tags on each product receive the signal, part of which is converted into a DC current activated tag, and then the tag will convert its own data information. Feedback to the reader, so as to complete the statistics of the goods. The system knows what you have taken by calculating the number of tags reduced.

       As the cost of RFID systems decreases, this identification method is gradually applied to retail products. Compared with QR code scanning, RFID has obvious advantages: faster speed and simpler operation. At the time of settlement, all the product tags only need to be placed on the RFID reader, and the system can quickly identify all the products. The next time you go shopping for clothes, you might as well check whether the RFID label is printed on the label of the clothes.

       RFID is replacing two-dimensional codes as a more efficient settlement method. Many colleges and universities have also used this kind of settlement method in the canteen: using the tableware with RFID tags, the system directly recognizes the plates of different prices during the settlement, and can quickly read the meal price and realize rapid settlement.

        The unmanned kiosk further expands this advantage of RFID: there is no need to manually align the product scan, as long as the RFID electronic tag is within the reading range, it can be quickly identified.

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