How to manage RFID washing electronic tags washing clothes?

How to manage RFID washing electronic tags washing clothes? The workflow of RFID washing electronic tag management washing clothes:

1, register clothing information: first of all, to register the clothing information, such as number, name, type, belong to the department, belong to the person, etc., to prepare for coding.

2. Print and fix the label: write the registered clothing information into the chip of the washing electronic label, print the relevant information on the label, and fix the label to the clothing;

3. Distribution of clothing: clothing has been bound to RFID washing electronic tags. RFID readers or scanning guns are used to carry out inventory, generate reports, and distribute clothing to relevant personnel for use.

4, dirty clothes classification and storage: after dirty clothes, need to be washed, collect the clothes, through the fixed RFID reader or scanning gun to read the label on the clothes, RFID management system will automatically record the storage time, data, operators and other information, and automatically print out storage vouchers.

5. Classification and delivery of clean clothes: after washing and drying clothes, they will be classified through RFID water washing electronic tags, and then delivered to the corresponding use department.

How to manage RFID washing electronic tags washing clothes? What are the advantages of RFID laundry management system?

1, automatic generation of statistical reports: through the RFID reader or scanning gun to read, can automatically generate analysis reports, but also can export data according to the demand, can scientific management of washing clothes.

2, historical record query: as long as the scan, the system can automatically record the RFID wash electronic tag information, can be found at any time.

3, batch scanning identification: one of the major advantages of RFID water washing electronic tag is that it can be identified in batch, without single scanning, convenient manual handover, management, easy to use and fast.

4, high work efficiency: improve work efficiency and economic benefits, save personnel expenses, reduce costs.

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