RFID technology-based retail industry management system solutions

The retail industry generally presents the characteristics of logistics distribution such as multiple varieties, small batches, high distribution frequency, multiple distribution points, fast distribution requirements and the need for complete information system support, which makes the entire logistics activities more complicated. Therefore, with retail enterprises Rapid development. There has been a demand for the use of specialized and personalized logistics services to improve the quality and efficiency of logistics services. Based on RFID technology, launched an RFID retail industry management system with unique RFID identification methods and technical characteristics. In an efficient way, it enables the supply chain system to track commodity dynamics more easily and automatically, and realizes real automated management of items. In addition, RFID also provides the retail industry with advanced and convenient data collection methods, convenient customer transactions, efficient operation methods, fast and insightful decision-making methods, and other benefits that barcode technology cannot replace.

rfid retail management system

RFID applications in the retail industry mainly focus on five aspects: inventory management, self-service management, shortage management, anti-counterfeiting traceability, and supply chain management.

1. Inventory management

Through the RFID electronic tags of commodity items, managers can make real-time commodity price adjustments, effectively analyze commodity sales conditions and demand forecasts, automatic commodity replenishment, purchase control, etc., and then construct a completely consumer demand-oriented Inventory management process.

2. Self-service management

Through the cooperation of RFID tags and sensors, retailers can update the sales information of goods in real time, monitor the quantity, arrangement, and dynamics of goods on the shelves in order to replenish the goods on the shelves, and achieve the consistency of planning and execution timeliness.

rfid electronic label

rfid electronic label

3. Shortage management

Human errors, including incorrect return procedures, sales scan errors, incorrect pricing, and incorrect inventory counts, can cause losses to retailers, and losses due to shortage of goods can be as high as 1.5% of revenue. Therefore, the issue of the rights and responsibilities of shortage of goods constitutes a major obstacle to cooperation between suppliers and retailers, and RFID can track the characteristics of commodity movement records, which solves the issue of commodity management in  operations.

4. Anti-counterfeiting traceability management

The principle of anti-counterfeiting is to write the product identification number (ID) or anti-counterfeiting code in the RFID chip. This ID is unique in all links of production and sales; the chip is made into a label, and the electronic label is attached to the product to make it Become an integral part of the commodity. When the electronic tag is forced to separate from the product, the integrity of the product is destroyed, the product is deemed to have been consumed, and the anti-counterfeiting ends.

5. Supply chain management

Each supplier has an electronic label, which can be used for settlement, reconciliation, query and other applications based on this label (unique); in inventory management, the system can automatically identify the inventory of the required goods according to the electronic label on each package Information such as area, inventory quantity, storage and exit quantity and time; in terms of member management, members can be identified quickly and effectively to better provide targeted services to customers entering the store; in cash register management, the cash register system can be In the case of intervention, the electronic label on the product is automatically identified, the total price of the product is automatically calculated, and the bill is automatically printed out when the customer arrives at the cashier area; in terms of product safety management, the monitoring device automatically monitors the unauthorized electronic label in the area If there is any abnormal movement, the sound and light alarm device can be activated.

rfid handheld terminal

RFID retail management system program features

1. Automated monitoring

It can remotely monitor all tags within the antenna range. The RFID antenna takes different operations on the goods after different processing methods, and activates the alarm function for the goods illegally taken out of the safe area. The whole process does not require manual operation.

2. Read and write remote data

The RFID reader can read and write tag information at a long distance, and can process multiple tags at a time, and can write the status of the goods into the tags, so that the antennas in different areas can perform corresponding operations.

3. Counter sales automation

The use of electronic tags can realize the functions of the counter portable POS machine, and can complete the functions of sales, return, counter inventory, inventory, collection and other sales automation operations; at the same time, it can generate various statistical reports of the day and send them to the headquarters or local offices. sales analysis.

4. Work offline

The RFID reader supports offline working status, and can still work normally when communication is interrupted. It can also alarm when reading tags of goods illegally brought out of the safe area.

5. Automatic storage function

There is a Flash storage space inside the RFID reader, which can store the ID information of tags above 2W. When the reader is offline, the read tag information can be automatically saved in the Flash storage space for communication. It can be queried after normal.

6. Label encryption function

RFID readers can encrypt tags. Only readers that conform to the encryption format can read and write tags. No other readers can operate on tags. At the same time, you can also set a password when operating the tag to prevent others from stealing.

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