What is the use of rfid tags?

What is an electronic tag? Electronic tag is a non-contact automatic identification technology that uses radio frequency signals to identify target objects and obtain related data. The identification work does not require human intervention. As a wireless version of barcodes, RFID technology has something that barcodes do not have. It has the advantages of waterproof, anti-magnetic, high temperature resistance, long service life, large reading distance, data on the label can be encrypted, storage data capacity larger, and storage information can be changed freely. What is the use of electronic tags for everyone to popularize? 

The role of rfid electronic tags:

Unique identification of fixed assets

2. The reading distance of the electronic tag is large, up to 10 meters or more. 

 3. A wide range of electronic tags, the most advanced Internet of Things technology now uses UHF electronic tag technology 

 4. Fast data transmission speed, up to 170 sheets per second per second (EPC C1G2 label) 

 5. Electronic tags store a large amount of data. UHF electronic tags are flexible and can be easily identified. 

 6.With a high data transmission rate, a large number of electronic tags can be read in a short time. 

 7. Anti-collision mechanism, suitable for multi-tag reading, multiple electronic tags can be read in batch at a time. 

 8. The antenna of the electronic tag is generally long and tag-shaped. The antenna has two designs of linear and circular polarization to meet the needs of different applications. 

 9. Data storage time >10 years. 

 10.The electronic tag has a unique ID number in the world, with strong security and confidentiality, and it is not easy to be cracked.

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