The system implementation of FID

The system implementation of FID should be divided into the following seven steps: 

1. System process design: formulate and describe the operational business process and activities of the RFID system in detail. 2. System integration framework design: Determine the basic structure of the RFID system (system architecture, network topology, database structure), main functions, integration strategies, methods and means of RFID systems and MES, ERP systems, information integration interface specifications, RFID System data management mechanism. 

3. System function configuration: convert the originally defined function into an application software system or subsystem. Specifically, it can be divided into warehouse management, material distribution management, quality management, asset management, supply chain logistics management, supplier management, maintenance service management, product life cycle data management, etc. 

4. Selection of RFID equipment: From the perspective of the production environment and the characteristics of the production system, the RFID system is selected. The characteristics of the production environment include temperature, humidity, electromagnetic radiation intensity, pH, and the texture of peripheral equipment; the characteristics of the production system include product productivity, production tact, cost, system reliability, system real-time, system data security requirements, etc. 5. Identification point and layout design: Determine the number and specific physical location of RFID information identification points in the application scenario, and determine the installation and layout methods according to different characteristics. 

6. Coding format and content design: Determine the format and content of the data carried in the RFID electronic tag. The coding content depends on the level, field and goal of the enterprise RFID application; the coding format should comply with the relevant regulations of the industry and the enterprise and consider compatibility with barcodes or other EDI-related coding formats of the enterprise to facilitate the sharing of data within or between enterprises And integration. 

7. Implementation of the system. RFID technology is an emerging technology in the era of the Internet of Things. The implementation and landing of RFID technology puts forward higher requirements on the system's recognition rate, stability, reliability, data processing capability, data quality, and integration with existing enterprise systems. Production line management solution: UHF RFID reader recognizes passive electronic tags of products in the assembly line, and records the cycle time and product assembly progress of different stations. The RFID system guides employees to assemble materials; the system analyzes data to obtain insights and realize large-scale customized production. After the introduction of an RFID system consisting of RFID readers and passive tags, the electronic display board can present information in real time, thereby effectively optimizing inventory management. Inventory management solution: RFID readers identify passive tags on key materials, and record material in and out information. The electronic display board displays the location and quantity information of key materials in real time. The system automatically displays location information to realize floating inventory counting. After the introduction of an RFID system consisting of RFID readers and passive tags, the electronic display board can present information in real time, thereby effectively optimizing inventory management. RFID technology makes it possible to visualize inventory management. Warehouse personnel can collect product information without contact, which not only greatly improves the efficiency of inventory counting, but also reduces the frequency of errors in warehouse inventory. The application of RFID technology in the logistics link can also help companies achieve dynamic management of goods transportation in the upstream and downstream supply chains.

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