RFID retail management system program features

RFID retail management system program features

Automated monitoring

It can remotely monitor all tags within the antenna range. The RFID antenna takes different operations on the goods after different processing methods, and activates the alarm function for the goods illegally taken out of the safe area. The whole process does not require manual operation.

2. Read and write remote data The RFID reader can read and write tag information at a long distance, and can process multiple tags at a time, and can write the status of the goods into the tags, so that the antennas in different areas can perform corresponding operations. RFID reader RFID reader

3. Counter sales automation The use of electronic tags can realize the functions of the counter portable POS machine, and can complete the functions of sales, return, counter inventory, inventory, collection and other sales automation operations; at the same time, it can generate various statistical reports of the day and send them to the headquarters or local offices. sales analysis.

4. Work offline The RFID reader supports offline working status, and can still work normally when communication is interrupted. It can also alarm when reading tags of goods illegally brought out of the safe area.

5. Automatic storage function There is a Flash storage space inside the RFID reader, which can store the ID information of tags above 2W. When the reader is offline, the read tag information can be automatically saved in the Flash storage space for communication. It can be queried after normal.

6. Label encryption function RFID readers can encrypt tags. Only readers that conform to the encryption format can read and write tags. No other readers can operate on tags. At the same time, a password can also be set when operating the tag to prevent others from stealing.

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