how to use RFID Tags in different field?

As a data carrier, electronic tags can play the role of identification, item tracking, and information collection. In foreign countries, electronic tags have been applied in a wide range of fields. The RFID system consisting of electronic tags, readers, antennas and application software is directly connected to the corresponding management information system. Every item can be tracked accurately. This comprehensive information management system can bring many benefits to customers, including real-time data collection, secure data access channels, and all product information available offline. Wait. In foreign countries, RFID technology has been widely used in many fields such as industrial automation and commercial automation. 

Applications include:

Anti-counterfeiting: Through scanning, detailed logistics records are generated.

2. Production line management Electronic tags can conveniently and accurately record process information and process operation information on the production line to meet the needs of flexible production. The record of worker ID, time, operation and quality inspection results can fully realize the traceability of production. It can also avoid errors caused by handwriting and seeing information in the production environment.

3. Warehouse management The RFID system is used for intelligent warehouse cargo management, effectively solving the warehouse cargo information management. For large storage bases, the management center can understand the location of goods and the storage of goods in real time, which is of great significance for improving storage efficiency, feeding back product information, and guiding production. It not only increases the number of goods processed in a day, but also monitors all information about the goods. Among them, there are various application forms. Labels can be affixed to the goods and read and written by the reader on the forklift and the reader on the corresponding position of the warehouse; barcodes and electronic tags can also be used together.

4. Sales channel management Establishing strict and orderly channels and efficiently managing purchases, sales and inventories is a strong need for many companies. The product is embedded in the electronic tag during the production process, which contains the unique product number. The manufacturer can use the identifier to monitor the flow of the product, and the wholesaler and retailer can use the reader provided by the manufacturer to identify the legality of the product.

5. Valuables management It can also be used for anti-theft, settlement and after-sales guarantee of valuables such as cameras, camcorders, portable computers, CD players, jewelry, etc. Its anti-theft function is a kind of electronic article surveillance system (EAS). The label can be attached or built into the packaging of the item. The special shelf scanner scans the goods in real time and obtains real-time inventory records. If the goods are taken from the shelf, the system will verify whether the behavior is legal, and if the goods are taken illegally, the system will alarm. When the bill is paid out of the library, all items of different categories can be scanned at one time through the scanner, and the anti-theft function is released at the same time when the cashier generates a sales order. In this way, the alarm will not go off when the customer leaves with the purchased items. When the customer pays the bill, the cash register will write the date of sale into the label, so that the items purchased by the customer are guaranteed and promised accordingly.

6. Book management, lease product management Pasting electronic tags in the books can easily receive book information, and there is no need to move books when organizing books, which can improve work efficiency and avoid work errors.

7. Others such as logistics, car anti-theft, air parcel management, etc.

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