Barcode will be replaced with RFID tag.

Barcode technology is an automatic identification technology that is produced and developed in computer applications and practice and is widely used in commerce, postal, book management, warehousing, industrial production process control, transportation and other fields. It combines multiple blacks with different widths. Bars and blanks are arranged in accordance with certain coding rules to express a group of graphical identifiers of information. A common barcode is a pattern of parallel lines arranged by black bars (bars for short) and white bars (empty for short) with very different reflectivities. Barcode can mark the country of production, manufacturer, product name, production date, book classification number, mail start and end location, category, date and many other information. It has the advantages of fast input speed, high accuracy, low cost, and strong reliability. , Occupies an important position in today's automatic identification technology.

RFID electronic tag is a popular name for radio frequency identification (RFID), which consists of three parts: tag, reader, and data transmission and processing system.

The tag is also called an electronic tag or smart tag. It is a chip with an antenna in the memory, and information that can identify the target is stored in the chip. RFID tags have the characteristics of durability, strong penetration of information reception and transmission, large storage capacity and variety of information. Some RFID tags support reading and writing functions, and the information of the target object can be updated at any time. The reader is divided into two types: handheld and fixed. It consists of transmitter, receiver, control module and transceiver. The transceiver is connected to the control computer or programmable logic controller (PLC) to realize its communication function. The reader also has an antenna to receive and transmit information. Data transmission and processing system: The reader receives and reads data by receiving radio waves from the tag. The most common is a passive radio frequency system. When the reader encounters an RFID tag, it emits electromagnetic waves and an electromagnetic field is formed around. The tag obtains energy from the electromagnetic field to activate the microchip circuit in the tag. The chip converts the electromagnetic wave and sends it to the reader. It is converted into relevant data. The control calculator can process these data for management control. In the active radio frequency system, the tag is equipped with a battery to move within the effective range

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