What is the use of electronic tags in clothing?

What is the use of electronic tags in clothing RFID technology?

RFID clothing electrical tags use new generation electrical tags made by RFID radio frequency technology to write clothing information, which can realize batch reading of the whole box, inventory and storage applications. Look at clothing RFID collection vendors to help shoe and clothing companies use clothing fabric management, clothing production, clothing storage, Compared with traditional barcodes and other labels, such as clothing sales and other clothing research, production and sales links, it is easy to copy, easy to damage and other pain points. It is globally unique, easy to damage, and can work in harsh environments such as high temperature and high humidity.

Nowadays, RFID technology is widely used in new clothing retail, which is determined by the characteristics of the main clothing industry. Traditional barcode labels need to manually find the position of the barcode to be scanned, and the sales efficiency is low. Once the barcode is damaged, the barcode cannot be read and needs to be replaced. Moreover, the workload of daily inventory of clothing is also very large, and the clerk's inventory of the warehouse must be classified or recorded according to their own memory, which takes time and effort. The RFID electronic tags are different. Each RFID tag is an independent individual. The large-capacity storage space can store information such as style, color, size, sales location, etc., and fast RFID identification function

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