Nfc application for?

NFC mobile phone computer touch connection

In the future, it can be connected with home smart devices such as electronic tags, perception systems and personal health care institutions to achieve interaction between things, simplify operating methods and improve operating experience.

Smart medical applications

NFC tags are suitable for drug management, wireless ward inspections, barcode patient check-in desks, etc. to achieve effective medical process management. The medical application developed with the NFC function measuring instrument can record personal exercise volume, monitor and record the patient's blood pressure and blood glucose data, and wear the corresponding "mobile bracelet" to measure the number of steps, distance moved, calories consumed, and sleep time And so on, the application can upload this data to the cloud through the mobile phone connection, and use big data technology to centralize analysis and processing.

All-in-one card application

  Under the leadership of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the bus card system has been launched in hundreds of cities across the country. At present, bus cards and subway cards in various places are subject to geographical restrictions and cannot achieve roaming functions in other cities. The NFC mobile phone uses the card simulation method equivalent to the built-in bus card in the mobile phone, and is not restricted by region. Once users go to other cities, they can register the local bus application through their mobile phones, and then roam between different cities in time. In addition to bus applications, the communications company has recently launched similar products suitable for campuses, enterprise cards and Yitong, and has simulated and integrated cards with multiple functions in mobile terminals, thereby providing convenience for various applications. 

NFC printer application

LG first introduced a printer with integrated NFC function. Hold the phone that supports the NFC function, and then lightly touch the printer to print the documents or photos required by the phone. NFC WiFi also reduces the barriers of direct printing, simple operation, business office data transmission, and compatibility within the local area network, enabling smart phones, tablets, laptops and printers to work seamlessly.

Wearable device applications

In recent years, NFC wearable devices have been heating up globally, and wearable devices represented by glasses, watches, bracelets and keys have emerged one after another. For example, the NFC ring can replace keys to open car doors, unlock mobile phones, unlock home smart locks, and store personal information on the ring. In addition, the NFC version of the Mi Band can also replace the solid key to open the home smart door lock. You can make contactless payments at the same time as mobile payments.

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