Application of rfid technology for logistics on internet of things?

RFID electronic tags have a wide range of technical applications. Typical applications: animal chip, access control, aircraft package identification, document tracking management, package tracking and identification, animal husbandry, logistics management, mobile commerce, product anti-counterfeiting, sports timing, ticket management, car chip anti-theft device, parking lot batch control , Production line automation, material management, etc. RFID is the abbreviation of radio frequency identification, is the Chinese electronic tag, also known as radio frequency identification technology. With the continuous progress of society, the continuous development of technology and the acceleration of the pace of life, people demand simple and fast methods in all aspects of life, and electronic tags have appeared. Today, electronic tags have been widely used in the daily lives of modern people. In many big cities, you only need to buy a single-trip ticket with an electronic tag at a time, and you can easily switch between different routes; if you borrow books from a library, you do not need to ask the librarian to borrow books. You only need to enter the password on the automatic borrowing and returning system to easily borrow the book you want; in many hypermarkets and supermarkets, RFID tags can effectively prevent someone from taking away unpaid goods. In hospitals, electronic tags are widely used. For example, the appearance of newborn babies is very similar, which can easily lead to misunderstandings about the wrong baby. On TV, several decades ago, hospital nurses or parents often held the wrong baby, leading to many family tragedies. Can accurately identify the identity and avoid mistakes. In addition, there are electronic medical records, through which doctors and nurses can clearly understand the medication status of patients in the ward. In this way, not only the work of the medical staff is orderly, but also the medical staff and their families can avoid a lot of trouble.The widespread application of RFID tags has brought a lot of convenience to people's lives, and it is believed that they will be applied to more and more useful places in the near future. By then, our lives will be better and people can save a lot of time to do more meaningful thingsRFID tags in elevator inspection certificate solutions

The emergence of RFID electronic tags solves the problem of the special equipment inspection department of the Technical Supervision Bureau. RFID paper tickets are embedded with electronic certificates, which have direct surface printing, strong anti-counterfeiting ability, reliable ticket checking, and accurate background statistics. Paper RFID electronic tags are not only cheap, but also can store information, which can be recorded in the chip. The special equipment inspection department of the Technical Supervision Bureau can extract information to find out whether the maintenance company has conducted routine inspections in accordance with regulations. Also know the specific time of the elevator maintenance company's inspection and the qualifications of the inspector. Application of RFID tags in the medical field of Pittsburgh, USA

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