The NFC application of iPhone

Everyone will not be unfamiliar with NFC. Many smart phones now have this function, and NFC brings great convenience to our mobile phones. Today we are talking about the NFC function provided on Apple mobile phones. What are the usage scenarios in daily life? We know that Apple mobile phones use the IOS system, which is very different from the Android system we usually use. This system is relatively closed, and the constraints of this system are quite high. In general, it is not as open and playable as the Android system.

But this system also has a big feature, that is, its fluency is relatively high, so the use of NFC on Apple phones is not as much as NFC on Android phones. Why? The main reason is that Apple did not open part of the NFC API. When you go out on the bus, turn on the NFC on your mobile phone and you can swipe the bus card against an instrument on the bus. This is very convenient. This way we don’t need to bring a bus pass when we go out, and we don’t need to bring some coins. In addition, we can also use NFC when taking the subway, but some cities support it, and some cities do not.

But some mobile phones like Huawei and Xiaomi have more popular points, and they can swipe the access card. A classmate of mine uses the Mi mix series mobile phone, and he copied the teacher's access card to the phone. , And he can open everything in the entire laboratory with his mobile phone, which is very convenient. And NFC has a new feature that you may not have used before, and that is to unlock shared bicycles. We know that OFO is constantly upgrading to enhance its market competitiveness. Because there are many other brands making bicycles in the entire market, the competition is still quite big.

Only by improving its ability to give users a better experience, can it occupy a certain market share. OFO also has NFC function installed on it. Users only need to bundle their own card and OFO account together. , The card can be opened on a car equipped with a smart lock instantly, isn’t it smart? The steps to use are greatly reduced. In addition, if the mobile phone version of the all-in-one card is activated on the mobile phone, even if the mobile phone is in the state of a black screen, the mobile phone can be automatically unlocked when the mobile phone is close to the OFO equipped with the NFC smart lock. In this way, there is no need to enter a password. The convenience.

Oh, I usually like to buy some electronic bracelets. There are still many people who buy this kind of bracelets. After we get it, we have to perform a cumbersome setting. That is to say, download the corresponding app on the phone, and then perform various Only by comparing the parameters can be connected. The process is cumbersome and the waiting time is relatively long. It is very convenient to add the NFC function to these smart bracelets and Bluetooth speakers.

Turning on the NFC on the mobile phone can automatically connect to these devices directly, eliminating all the cumbersome processes in the middle, simple and convenient, and then I will tell you a more powerful function, that is, you can put some bank cards on the mobile phone. I know that Apple has launched the Apple Pay payment function. After turning on the NFC function switch, copy the bank card to the phone.

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