How to choose a suitable RFID passive tag

RFID passive UHF electronic tags are attracting wide attention from users due to their small size, long reading and writing distance, fast reading and writing speed, and low price. At present, there are more and more types of passive UHF electronic tag products on the market. How to choose the UHF application solution and electronic tag that suits you correctly has become a special concern of users.After extensively listening to the opinions of industry experts, and summarizing and summarizing them, we hope that users should pay special attention to the following issues when purchasing passive UHF electronic tags:First of all, when purchasing UHF RFID tags, you must understand the relevant knowledge and important parameters of passive UHF RFID tags, such as: tag size, frequency, storage space, packaging form, read-write distance, application range and many more. In the application of UHF projects, labels are the key product for the success of the project, so what kind of label to choose is very important in the implementation of the entire project. Users must clearly understand the important parameters related to the label.  

Second, when choosing electronic tags, users should neither blindly pursue product high performance nor blindly pursue low prices. The most important thing is to choose electronic tags suitable for specific application needs.   

Third, when deciding to launch an RFID project, users must establish a concept: RFID technology is not a panacea. While applying RFID technology, it must cooperate with the transformation of the management process to achieve real results.

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