RFID automatic identification technology in Garment

Production line management function using RFID automatic identification technology

1) Automatically record what each worker does and how long it takes 

2) Each process on the production line uses a radio frequency identification reader to automatically collect the number of subsequent processes.

3) Employees can check production records all day through the self-service card terminal. 

4) Quality inspection: The way to improve the efficiency of quality inspection is to quickly recognize that the clothes on hand are the quality standard, and the combination of radio frequency identification and display can meet this requirement. When importing clothes, the reader at the bottom of the screen will read the labels of the clothes, and immediately display the size requirements of the clothes and various tailoring requirements on the screen, so as to quickly and effectively complete the quality inspection work.

5) The system calculates the production progress of each group, station, and process in real time, provides the best and accurate production data for the manager's labor configuration, provides productivity, and reduces the waste of human resources.

Automatic working time calculation, automatic production calculation

Garment station management

The RFID production line management system uses electronic work tickets instead of traditional paper tickets, each item on the production line uses RFID tags, and RFID data collection terminals are installed in each workshop. Whenever a worker completes a job, the system will automatically send the information of the workpiece directly to the computer system through the radio frequency identification collection device, and the system will automatically complete piece rate calculations and various production statistics.

Automatic tracking management to improve productivity

The system can understand the production situation of each factory, the whereabouts of all fabrics, and the completion of each worker in real time during the production process, promote the work of the workers, and improve the production efficiency. Intelligent data collection and human error reduction The system uses radio frequency identification technology to automatically collect data during the entire production process, including production plan release, material, cutting, and stitching, to prevent errors caused by human factors.

Efficient quality monitoring system

The source of unqualified products can be traced, and the responsibility tracking can be accurate, so that workers can correct their work attitudes and improve production quality. Electronic tags can be reused, saving costs.

Radio frequency identification technology tracks the entire production process, from cutting machines to parking spaces, to embroidery to buttoning, to outsourcing, to washing procedures, to quality inspection and other links in real-time collection of data. Through the analysis of these real-time data, the entire The work schedule and efficiency of the production line can speed up the reaction speed and shorten the production cycle. As a part of clothing production, use radio frequency identification technology to automatically identify all parts of production information, collect statistical data on the platform information server, establish radio frequency identification clothing production information management, and realize production progress management, production material tracking and key production links in real time Monitoring and scheduling functions.

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