Application of RFID technology in steel logistics industry

China is the world's largest producer of steel and non-ferrous metals, with rapid development in information construction, and "digital smelting" has become the consensus of the industry. Applying RFID technology in the iron and steel industry, accurately reflecting production and operation information, effectively planning and controlling the production and operation activities of enterprises, and providing data basis for scientific decision-making, can solidify the modern management results of enterprises, standardize the business process Digital construction.

   Application advantages:

   The application of RFID technology can bring efficiency and accuracy to the steel logistics industry, enabling companies to accurately grasp the flow and changes of business, logistics, information and capital flows in the entire supply chain in real time.

  1) Asset management: improve the utilization rate of loading and unloading equipment; increase the utilization rate of transportation vehicles; reduce safety stock

  2) Utilization efficiency: improve inventory management; improve supply chain visibility; reduce detention costs; reduce/simplify worker workload

  3) Safety Guarantee: Improve worker safety

  4) Customer service: speed up the receiving process; improve product control

  work process:

  In the system application, RFID electronic tags are installed on each roll of steel, and the specific information, storage location and other information of the goods are written in the RFID tags. At the same time, the detailed information of the delivery party can be written when the goods enter and leave the warehouse, and a reading device is set up in the warehouse to identify and detect the circulation of the goods.

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