NFC technology

The rapid development of the access control market

   With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for all aspects of the access control system, the application range of the access control system is becoming more and more extensive. People's application of the access control system is no longer limited to a single entrance and exit control, it has gradually developed into a complete, multi-functional access management system. It is applied to the access control, attendance management, security alarm, parking lot control, elevator control, building automation, etc. of smart buildings or smart communities. It can also be linked with other systems to achieve multiple functions.

   With the advancement of technology and the increase of people's demand for security, single password access control gradually withdrew from the market, and card access control is currently the most widely used access control system. The card access control consists of an access control card, a card reader and a control host. After the user swipes the card, the card reader sends the read signal to the control host, and the control host determines that the card is granted access permission and then transmits the door opening instruction. Access control cards are mainly divided into ID cards, IC cards and CPU cards. The ID card production principle is relatively simple and easy to copy, so it is rarely used. The IC card access control has a logical encryption function, which is not easy to be cracked and has a high safety factor. It is commonly used in community access control. The CPU card has a higher safety factor.

   In recent years, with the increasing use of portable devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, and the rise of Near Field Communication (nfc) technology, access control systems can also use access control systems to achieve multiple applications in addition to security functions. In the future, the security, integration capabilities, openness, diversification of applications and cloud control capabilities of the access control system will be the future development trend.

  NFC technology brings new opportunities for access control

   With the increasing use of users’ mobility features, NFC technology is being widely used in many fields, including mobile payments and transactions, transportation payments, customer loyalty programs, and network information access. More and more mobile device manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Google, Canadian RIM (ResearchinMotion Ltd), LG and ZTE are launching NFC-enabled mobile phones, which will further promote the application and development of NFC technology in the field of mobile access control.

  The portable identity verification credential card will facilitate users to obtain, provide, share and modify the personal electronic key stored in the electronic wallet. With the access control information record stored in the NFC-enabled mobile phone instead of the door lock, it is easier for users to ensure the safety of places and objects. The system can remotely cancel the virtual credential card stored in the smartphone, re-issue the credential, and change the person and time that can use the virtual credential card.

   Due to the current popularity of NFC technology and the related industry chain still needs to be improved, in the next few years, smart phones that support NFC cannot completely replace smart cards. The mobile access control virtual credential card in NFC smart phones will coexist with smart cards and identity cards so that companies can choose whether to use smart cards, mobile devices, or both in their access control systems.

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