Application of rfid tags with different frequencies

With the advent of the Internet of Things era, its applications have covered logistics and supply management, manufacturing and assembly, aviation baggage handling, mail/express package handling, document tracking/library management, animal identification, sports timing, access control/electronics Tickets, automatic road charges, all-in-one cards, plastic pallets in storage, turnover baskets and many other fields. The frequency of rfid electronic tags is mainly divided into three categories: low frequency, high frequency, and ultra high frequency. Different frequency applications are also different in the article "What are UHF, low frequency, and high frequency RFID electronic tags". Speaking of, the design of the frequency band is different, corresponding to the application needs of different fields, let's take a look at the application of rfid electronic tags in different frequencies.

 RFID electronic label

    The main application areas of RFID electronic tags are also different according to different frequencies:

    One: The main application of low-frequency tags

    1. The management system of animal husbandry.

    2. Application of car anti-theft and keyless door opening system.

    3. Application of marathon running system.

    4. Automatic parking lot charging and vehicle management system.

    5. Application of automatic refueling system.

    6. Application of hotel door lock system.

    7. Access control and safety management system.

    2: The main application of high-frequency RFID electronic tags

    1. Application of library management system.

    2. Management and application of gas cylinders.

    3. Management and application of garment production line and logistics system.

    4. Three-meter pre-charge system.

    5. Management and application of hotel door locks.

    6. Large-scale conference personnel channel system.

    7. The management system of fixed assets.

    8. Management and application of medical logistics system.

    9. Smart shelf management.

    10. Jewelry inventory management.

    Three: The main application of UHF RFID electronic tags

    1. Management and application in the supply chain.

    2. Management and application of production line automation.

    3. Management and application of air parcels.

    4. Container management and application.

    5. Management and application of railway parcels.

    6. Application of logistics management system.

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