What is Nail tag?

Nail tag is a unique RFID electronic tag. It is named nail tag because of its nail shape. We can easily embed it in trees or wooden containers to mark various assets.

        RFID nail tags are specially designed for sturdiness and durability, with high moisture resistance, vibration resistance and impact resistance. This type of label is made of high-grade anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant materials with refined molds. The internal encapsulation of radio frequency card chips is filled with rings. Oxygen resin, combined by ultrasonic welding, can protect the internal RFID electronic chip and antenna during installation and use.

       According to the working frequency, nail RFID electronic tags can be divided into: low frequency, high frequency and ultra high frequency. Low frequency RFID electronic tags are mostly used in forestry research to mark and sign living trees. They have good waterproof and moisture resistance characteristics, and are resistant to extreme temperatures. Also showed a relatively stable level of reading and writing. It is suitable for various precious and famous trees management, garden vegetation management, urban greening management, etc. High-frequency NFC RFID electronic tags are suitable for security inspections, high-end wood anti-counterfeiting traceability, outdoor project inspection management, etc. UHF RFID electronic tags can be installed in pallets and containers to achieve accurate real-time tracking and provide data needed to optimize industrial processes, workflows and inventory management. Suitable for packaging, vehicle marking, agricultural machinery management, inventory management, etc.

       Main features: fast and safe installation-the label is easy to install in place, almost impossible to remove. Robust and reliable-resistant to humidity, thermal fluctuations, vibration and shock.

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