NFC (Near Field Communication) working mode:

NFC (Near Field Communication) working mode:

Card mode:

This model is actually equivalent to an IC card using RFID technology. It can replace a large number of IC cards (including credit cards) in shopping malls, bus cards, access control, tickets, tickets, etc. In this way, there is a great advantage, that is, the card is powered by the RF domain of the non-contact card reader, and it can work even if the host device (such as a mobile phone) has no power.

Point-to-point mode:

This mode is similar to infrared and can be used for data exchange, but the transmission distance is shorter, the transmission creation speed is faster, the transmission speed is faster, and the power consumption is low (Bluetooth is also similar). Linking two NFC-enabled devices can realize point-to-point data transmission, such as downloading music, exchanging pictures, or synchronizing device address books. Therefore, through NFC, multiple devices such as digital cameras, PDAs, computers and mobile phones can exchange data or services.

Reader mode:

Use as a non-contact card reader, such as reading related letters from posters or exhibition information electronic tags

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