NFC solution in bicycle

Dutch college students invented NFC stickers to help you find a bicycle

Recently, five college students in Groningen in their 20s applied NFC chip technology to make sets of stickers and a system for finding bicycles. In the Netherlands, where everyone has a bicycle, this is big news.

   In case one day this simple-looking sticker is applied, people will no longer have to worry about finding a bicycle in the middle of the night because it is too dark. However, what I want to know most is, if I put it on the key or the car, will I not find the key and the car in the future, and open the phone to know where they are?

   Since Groningen is a famous university in the Netherlands, there are a large number of local students, and their favorite means of transportation is bicycles. But many people often encounter such troubles: After attending a party in the middle of the night or walking out of a bar, they can't find where their bicycles are parked for a while.

  How to find a bicycle with stickers?

   In order to solve this problem, five Groningen students combined the most popular IoT (Internet of Things) concept with the NFC chip technology that we have become accustomed to in our daily lives. So, there is this good idea to solve the problem of students not finding bicycles.

A 20-year-old Dutch college student invents NFC stickers to help you find a bicycle

   They made a sticker with an NFC chip and used a mobile application they developed called "Wheel Reveal" to locate the sticker. After parking the bicycle, point the phone at this NFC chip sticker, the APP will automatically open and store the position of the sticker, which is the location of the bicycle.

A 20-year-old Dutch college student invents NFC stickers to help you find a bicycle

   Conversely, when you are looking for a bicycle, open the APP, click the pre-stored location, and Google Maps will automatically open to locate the location of the bike for you. For the accuracy of bicycle positioning, this APP also has settings. The NFC chip sticker can help you complete the positioning with the highest accuracy of 5 meters. Of course, if you choose this positioning accuracy, you probably need to wait 10 seconds for the system to respond.

The first important term to explain is "NFC chip". The full name of NFC is Near Field Communication, which is also called Near Field Communication. It is a short-range high-frequency radio technology that runs at a frequency of 13.56MHz at 10 cm. Within distance.

A 20-year-old Dutch college student invents NFC stickers to help you find a bicycle

   In fact, this technology is very common in our lives. For example, the transportation card can be swiped with one swipe, the entrance guard of the building opens when the door is touched, and the more advanced ones include contact swipe credit cards.

   These five students transformed the NFC chip sticker that sold online for less than 50 yuan and turned it into the positioning terminal of the Wheel Reveal system they developed.

Another very popular concept that many people have not noticed is the "IoT" (Internet of Things). As an important part of the Smart City (Smart City), one of its distinctive features is that "everyone can use electronic Tags connect real objects online, and their specific locations can be found on the Internet of Things."

A 20-year-old Dutch college student invents NFC stickers to help you find a bicycle

   Earlier this year, the Netherlands became the first country in the world to have a nationwide Internet of Things network. This means that in the Netherlands, every person and thing that can connect or communicate with each other can be "networked."

   sounds, this sticker seems to be used to find the key?

   First, it needs to be stated that this small device has been used on the mobile phones and bicycles of five students, but it has not been promoted yet. And now this software can only be used on Android phones. Apple phones cannot use this positioning system due to restrictions.

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