Panorama of the electronic price tag industry chain

Panorama of the electronic price tag industry chain

Among the display materials of electronic price tags, electronic ink screens have the highest utilization rate. The display medium of electronic ink screens is electronic ink film. The report uses electronic ink film as the upstream of the value chain for industrial chain analysis.

Upstream of the industrial chain

Upstream manufacturers are mainly responsible for the design and production of electronic ink films. At the same time, they also produce medium and large size display modules and deliver them to system solution providers. It is understood that the high-quality display electronic ink film is composed of 20 layers of materials, and each layer of material is composed of millions of capsules. The diameter of these microcapsules is only one-third of the diameter of hair, and the microcapsules contain 100,000. Nanoparticles. In order to find the best combination of these materials, the process of forming an electronic ink film with 20 layers of materials is like a random combination. Only when the two dozen layers of materials are combined correctly can normal display be achieved.

After more than 40 years of research and development and production of electronic ink film technology, it was finally mass-produced in 2008.

There are only a handful of upstream manufacturers. Due to high technical barriers and low competition, they tend to lead to a monopoly trend, forming an industrial state of high monopoly, low competition and high profit. It is understood that application companies believe that the current electronic price tags are still too expensive due to the high cost of electronic ink screens, while upstream manufacturers have reported that in addition to electronic ink films, the high cost of other raw materials for display modules is also the reason for the high cost of electronic ink screen display modules. One of the reasons for the expensive group.

Midstream of the industry chain

The midstream electronic ink screen display module manufacturer is responsible for the processing and manufacturing of the display module. The display module is mainly composed of a substrate, an electronic ink film (PFL), a PS film, an IC processor, and a flexible circuit board (FPC). The electronic ink film Purchase from upstream manufacturers, and system solution providers provide them to downstream application companies through R&D and design of software and hardware system solutions with electronic ink screen display modules as the core.

The midstream of the industry chain is an electronic ink display module manufacturer and an electronic price tag system solution provider, of which the electronic price tag system solution provider is the main force in the entire industry.

The technical threshold of electronic ink display modules is low, but there are not many participants. Currently, companies such as Wuxi Weifeng, Helitai, and Taiwan Longting New Technology are mainly involved in this part of the business. Because display module hardware prices are relatively transparent, profitability can only be maintained through scale advantages, and product pricing is greatly affected by upstream manufacturers. If there is no further technological or cost innovation, the profitability of display module manufacturers will be compressed.

In recent years, many electronic price tag system solution providers have emerged in the middle of the industry chain. Many companies have seen the expanding electronic price tag market scale to devote themselves to this "dividend", either due to immature technology or due to market acceptance The degree is far lower than expected, and they have faded out of the market. Among them, Yunliwuli, as a company that has been deeply involved in Bluetooth solutions for many years, took the lead in launching an enterprise that uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology to introduce electronic price tags, independent research and development, production and sales, making the entire electronic price tag system solution run very smoothly.

It is understood that the companies currently entering the bureau can be divided into two categories. In the first category, companies have complete electronic price tag system solutions and a complete supply chain as support. Such companies can often achieve controllable costs and have a higher market share; in the second category, companies mainly rely on Vertical cooperation is carried out in the form of industrial cooperation and business integration. Different companies are responsible for the design and production of the bottom layer of the hardware system, and the construction of the platform layer and application layer of the software system.

Downstream of the industrial chain

There are many types of downstream application companies, and electronic price tags are in new retail physical stores, fresh food supermarkets, supermarket hypermarkets, traditional chain supermarkets, boutique stores, convenience stores, jewelry stores, beauty stores, home life stores, 3C electronics stores, and conferences Businesses such as offices, warehouses, pharmacies, factories, etc. have all penetrated. In general, the retail business has the highest utilization rate.

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