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Smart card tags mainly have anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft and tracking functions. With the advancement of technology and the development of the Internet of Things, my country's smart card tags are also improving in accuracy and recognition rate, making their advantages more and more obvious. The continuous improvement of the performance of smart card labels by enterprises and the pursuit of high quality have made people aware of the rapid development and continuous popularization of smart card labels. The reason why smart card labels are getting more and more attention and welcome lies in their superior characteristics. The basic characteristics of smart card labels will be analyzed below.

Why smart card tags are popular

First, diversified shapes and small sizes

Since the size and shape of the smart card label do not affect its reading accuracy, in order to be able to be applied to various products, the smart card label is becoming smaller and more diverse, expanding its applicability.

Second, the capacity is large and the data can be updated

The development of memory carriers has enabled smart card tags to have powerful storage capabilities and large capacity; data can be read at any time, and smart card tags can be repeatedly deleted, modified, and added to achieve continuous data updates.

Third, anti-pollution ability and durability

Smart card labels store data in the chip to avoid contamination; different from traditional paper carriers, smart card labels can effectively prevent liquid invasion and are not easily damaged; they have a longer life and are more durable.

Fourth, security

The data has a dedicated chip, and the chip serial number is determined, with key authentication, and the data content is protected by a password, which makes it highly secure and not easy to be forged, so that customers can use it at ease.

The important role of smart card labels includes meeting the requirements for item safety and anti-counterfeiting, fast scanning and sorting requirements, and accurate tracking requirements. At the same time, it has the characteristics of small size, large capacity, durability, pollution prevention, safety and reliability. Various market areas such as management, drug safety and military asset management have development prospects, and they have greatly facilitated people's lives and made people realize a more intelligent and convenient market, so it is very popular.

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