What to do with the curled edge of the sticker label in winter

When the winter arrives, self-adhesive labels will frequently cause various problems, especially on plastic bottles. When the temperature is low, the edges, blisters, and wrinkles will appear. It is especially obvious in some stickers with large area size attached to the curved surface.

There are many reasons for this situation. Let's introduce them one by one below.

1. If the label material is paper, it will not shrink and expand with temperature changes;

2. The adhesive used in the label has a low viscosity and cannot be firmly combined with the object to be affixed;

3. When labeling, there is a gap between the label and the thing to be affixed, and moisture enters, which will also cause these situations;

4. The surface factors of the sticker, such as the spherical shape of the sticker, which is difficult to paste. There are oil stains and irregular particles on the surface.

5. Storage conditions after labeling. In some individual cases, the label meets the requirements, but it is not stored in the correct storage environment, resulting in the label blistering and falling off.

Low temperature resistant label

There are so many reasons. In this situation, Astatine China will recommend a complete set of solutions to customers. as follows:

1. Choose materials suitable for labeling in low-temperature winter environments, such as special low-temperature labels. Powerful companies can use self-adhesive labels made of PE materials.

2. The storage and labeling environment of the label should be carried out in an environment greater than 15 degrees in winter. After the label is attached, it can be stored in an environment of 15 degrees for 24 hours before moving to other temperature environments.

3. Use the label with a small area and size, don't choose a flat, clean and tidy place to label the surface.

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