1. What is NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC), also known as Near Field Communication, is a short-distance high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows non-contact point-to-point data transmission (within ten centimeters) to exchange data between electronic devices . This technology evolved from contactless radio frequency identification (RFID) and is backward compatible with RFID. It was first successfully developed by Sony and Philips. It is mainly used to provide M2M (Machineto Machine) communication in handheld devices such as mobile phones. Due to the natural security of near field communication, NFC technology is considered to have great application prospects in fields such as mobile payment.

2. What are the functions of NFC?

NFC payment

At present, NFC technology is mainly applied in the following five categories on mobile phones. 1. Contact and pass, such as access control management, tickets and tickets, etc., the user can store the ticket or door control password close to the card reader, which can also be used for logistics management. 2. Contact payment, such as non-contact mobile payment, the user can make the payment by placing the device close to the POS machine with the NFC module embedded and confirm the transaction. 3. Contact connection, such as connecting two NFC devices for point-to-point data transmission, such as downloading music, transferring pictures, and exchanging address books. 4. Contact browsing, users can connect NFC mobile phones to smart public phones or posters with NFC functions on the street to browse traffic information, etc. 5. Download contact, the user can receive or download information through the GPRS network for payment or access control and other functions. As mentioned above, the user can send a specific format short message to the housekeeping attendant's mobile phone to control the housekeeping attendant's permission to enter and exit the house.

3. Why choose NTAG213 this chip?

Previously, the most commonly used NFC tag chip was NTAG203. However, since NXP has restricted the discontinuation of NTAG203, it has focused on introducing the NTAG21X series. The memory of NTAG213 is the same as NTAG203, which can store 137 bytes, but NTAG213 can be repeatedly encrypted and rewritten, but NTAG203 can only be locked. The dead information cannot be changed, so NTAG213 has a great advantage in the market, and NTAG213 is fully compatible with NTAG203.

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