The application of RFID technology in museum

The application of RFID technology in the scientific management of museum collections! The current RFID smart museum system is an organic combination of RFID radio frequency identification technology, computer technology, and multimedia technology to realize the intelligence and informationization of the museum, which can greatly meet the needs of museum management and improve management efficiency, circulation speed and retrieval speed The efficiency is conducive to organizing collections.

   Through the management platform RFID technology museum, real-time dynamic tracking and monitoring of the location and environmental changes of cultural relics in the exhibition hall and warehouse can be realized; the entire management process of cultural relics (including document storage, removal, inventory, and maintenance of the library) And transfer, etc.) to track management throughout the process. The system is mainly aimed at the maintenance work, in addition to regular and timely collections registration, classification, cataloging, maintenance and restoration, etc., it also needs to provide users with relevant collection information quickly and correctly. Improve the efficiency of storage work and achieve modern scientific management.

Museum collection management:

  According to the museum collection management business, we plan out the management content such as registration and storage management, collection delivery management, collection inventory management, collection location management, etc.

Collection registration and storage management

  The application server issues labels for the new collections, establishes collection information and associates them with the labels, records the storage time of the collections, uses the handheld to collect the location of the collection labels in the warehouse and reports them to the application server for recording.

Collection management

  The administrator holds the handheld to pick up the goods. Each collection reads and records the tag information of the collection. After the outbound operation is completed, the handheld data is transmitted to the application server, and the server performs data recording to record the actual outbound collection.

Collection inventory management

  The operator formulates the inventory list through the application server, and transmits the inventory list to the handheld, and the operator holds the handheld to perform inventory in the museum.

Collection positioning

  Through the RFID asset positioning function, the current location of an asset can be known at any time.

    The scientific management of the application of RFID technology in museum collections is explained above. In the process of museum informatization construction, it is necessary to adopt advanced and reliable science and technology for information management. RFID technology uses RFID electronic tags to verify identity in museums. Due to the large number of museum collections, it is difficult to manage and utilize these collections in cultural relics, historical materials, and archives. The collection, storage, utilization, transportation, delivery, and return In the process of waiting, RFID technology is used for automatic data collection.

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