The rapid development of electronic price tag is the demand of social development

The times are advancing, all industries are updating and iterating, and it is not uncommon to see cross-industry grab business. At present, the traditional retail industry is facing severe forms. If no changes are made, there will be more and more bankruptcies. Until the emergence of the new retail model, most of the current traditional retail has been reactivated. They are all pouring into new retail, combining online and offline, to gather all the traffic, and in this first step, most traditional retailers have chosen electronic prices. Signing to connect online and offline may be due to the leading role of giants such as Hema and Yonghui, but in fact this is also a trend. The specific reasons are as follows:

1. Meet the development needs of the retail industry

The development of the Internet has promoted e-commerce. When e-commerce reaches its peak, it will show a downward trend. According to the progress of the times, the traditional retail industry will gradually transform to new retail development, which is a kind of "online + offline + logistics" Many large retail companies have tried to use electronic price tags to connect commodity information into cloud smart platform management. During this epidemic, people had to learn to shop online, learn about online shopping methods, and experience convenience. After the epidemic is over, they can also experience the services of offline malls, which promoted new retail to make more people familiar.

2. Business needs

A retail store has dozens or hundreds of products and thousands of different types of products. There are many products and artificial physical strength is limited. When managing products, it is very physically exhausting to replace the price tags or display products with too many products at one time. One thing, when people reach fatigue, they are prone to work errors. Merchants can use the MTag electronic price tag to quickly manage the demand for goods, quickly change the price tag information, unify the shelf and system platform prices, and simplify the tedious work.

3. Consumers' aesthetics

Ordinary paper price tags can't bring consumers a bright feeling. If paper price tags are left for a long time without replacement, they are easy to fade, yellow, and the font display is not clear, which affects people's aesthetics. With the development of science and technology, electronic products can be more favored by consumers. Electronic price tags are placed on shelves instead of paper price tags. The appearance is fashionable and trendy. The overall appearance is three-dimensional, the font display is clear, and the display of QR codes arouses consumers. Of curiosity, scan for more product information.

Many things have changed due to many reasons. For example, electronic price tags replace paper labels, which are the needs of merchants, social conditions, consumer groups, and their own needs, because the functions of electronic price tags can meet the current social environment.

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