Advantages and disadvantages of stored-value cards


The function of the stored-value card is essentially a savings card similar to a bank card, but the "bank" here becomes a merchant, and the customer will receive a certain amount of credit after depositing a certain amount in the card, and the merchant owns it. An extra amount of working capital can better run the store. It can be said that stored-value cards are a win-win situation for both merchants and customers. Stored-value card    Stored-value card is also called prepaid card, consumer card, smart card, loyalty card, etc. As the name implies, it is a card that pays first and then consumes. Prepaid cards are divided into registered cards and non-registered cards. Loss of registered cards can be reported, while non-registered cards cannot be reported.

Advantages of    stored-value card:

  Advantages 1. Flexible use. Cardholders can transfer the welfare card to others, no matter who the cardholder is, it can be used at designated merchants;

   Advantage 2. Fixed amount. Each stored-value card contains a fixed amount, which is convenient for companies to issue different amounts of benefits to different employees. Welfare card holders can go to the corresponding merchants to purchase the items they need;

   Advantages 3. The gift-selection mode of stored-value cards has the characteristics of portable, convenient gifts, independent selection, stylish personality, and private customization.

   Current status of stored-value cards: In fact, stored-value cards are used as a marketing tool in the market economy by foreign companies. However, because our market economy system is not perfect yet, some unscrupulous merchants take advantage of consumers’ trust in stored-value cards. After opening the card for a period of time, "playing" disappears, causing consumers to find no one. The high cost of rights protection makes consumers store value Ka gradually lost confidence. In our society, which is increasingly focusing on integrity management, the cost of a sound breach of the law is increasing.

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