As the little tentacles of the Internet of Things

As the little tentacles of the Internet of Things, RFID can always be perfectly integrated into various industries, such as retail, logistics, clothing, apparel, industrial manufacturing, aviation, books, etc., and effectively improve the efficiency of enterprise operation and management. So far, the application scenarios of RFID are still increasing.

         However, in some unique scenes that we are not familiar with, RFID is quietly playing its advantages. Through these scenarios, perhaps we will have a deeper understanding of the application potential of RFID.

 Application 1: RFID intelligent fish farming

      After the RFID tag is implanted, Yu'er obtains an "ID card". With the help of the electronic tag, it can realize the processing of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, transportation, warehousing, distribution, shelves, final sales and even return processing of grass carp in mountain spring water. real time monitoring. The use of RFID on animals is nothing new, including ear tags, poultry foot loops, pet injection tags, etc., these are only existing auxiliary. However, there are still many farmers who take RFID to the next level and develop new business models. At the beginning of this year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the market has suffered a lot of shock, and some farmers in Shaanxi have figured out a set of cloud breeding services. Consumers can claim their favorite piglets online. With the help of RFID technology, they don’t have to worry about losing their “pig son”. The farmers will raise them to more than 200 kilograms. After the slaughtering and division are completed, they will be mailed to consumers. At the end of April this year, even the well-known NetEase Black Pig joined the "Cloud Raising Pig" team. On the other side of the ocean, a company that uses the Internet of Things technology to raise oysters in Australia naturally makes no difference.

Application 2: Hackers implant RFID chips under the skin

       A female hacker implanted an RFID chip in her body, and then was able to start the Tesla Model 3 freely. She first extracted the RFID chip from Tesla's "key card" with an acetone solution, wrapped it in a biopolymer, and then injected it into her left arm through a hollow needle.

Amateur biohackers in Seattle implanted wireless chips under their skins. With these chips, you can enter the room, log in to the computer, and start the motorcycle without any tools. It is understood that hundreds of people in Europe have actively chosen to implant RFID chips into their bodies.

For now, the implantation of chips into the human body is a very controversial topic, which has potential risks to human health and privacy, and it can also cause a strong sense of anxiety.

Application 3: RFID anti-theft smart school bag

       Currently, RFID anti-theft school bags are sold on platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, and JD. The main target groups of these school bags are people traveling. A security anti-theft warehouse is set up inside. The RFID information anti-theft system can protect personal information and prevent bank cards, ID cards and other information from being stolen. In addition, some geeks have introduced RFID reading systems into their school bags. It is necessary to equip the items to be packed in the school bag with RFID tags so as to prevent items from being missed or lost.

Application 4: RFID management of ancient trees

       In order to solve the problem of backward management of ancient and famous trees information, some domestic cities have begun to introduce RFID technology, and unique RFID nail tags are needed in the management. The age, subjects, protection of living conditions and other information of the trees are all encoded into the chip. With the GPS positioning system, ancient trees can be protected more comprehensively. Due to the characteristics of forest germplasm resource information, the workload is huge and complicated, which requires a lot of manual inspection, and the manual operation is relatively inefficient and easy to make mistakes. After the introduction of RFID technology, the problem of old tree management has been greatly alleviated.

 Application 5: "The safest in the world" smart wallet

        In 2017, a start-up company headquartered in Armenia released an extremely secure smart wallet with a built-in alarm system, global positioning tracker, Bluetooth 5.0 connection, RFID radio frequency protection, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. There is even a front camera that can take a picture of anyone who opens the wallet and send the picture to the owner of the wallet.

Through these cases, we have to say that the world is really big, and there are no surprises. Perhaps what really limits us is only our imagination.

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