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With the application of advanced smart technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data, the demand for transformation and upgrading of the traditional logistics industry is becoming stronger. The development of smart logistics in my country is still in its infancy and there is still a lot of room for development. Smart logistics can achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase in the logistics industry and related industries by empowering the entire link, rebuild a new industrial structure, and improve the development quality of the logistics industry.

Development status of smart logistics in my country

The development of smart logistics is supported by the national policy environment. In July 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Internet +" Efficient Logistics Implementation Opinions, which clearly stated that it is necessary to "form a smart logistics ecosystem based on the Internet, open sharing, win-win cooperation, efficient, convenient, green and safe". In October 2017, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Actively Promoting Supply Chain Innovation and Application", proposing "vigorously develop smart logistics and improve the level of intelligence in the distribution supply chain". In February 2019, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Transport and other national ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Logistics and Promoting the Formation of a Strong Domestic Market", and listed 10 key tasks for promoting the high-quality development of logistics in 2019. One of them is the "implementation of logistics intelligent transformation actions." The active guidance and strong support of national policies have created a good macro development environment for smart logistics.

"Internet +" efficient logistics has taken shape. In recent years, my country's mobile Internet has developed rapidly, and logistics infrastructure and equipment have gradually been connected to the Internet. According to data from the Ministry of Transport, my country has built the world's largest dynamic real-time monitoring system for operating vehicles. Road operating vehicles, express vehicles, and transportation official ships are equipped with Beidou navigation systems, and logistics units such as pallets and containers are connected to the Internet. The preliminary realization of efficient interconnection of information and efficient interconnection of facilities has laid the network foundation for the development of smart logistics. In terms of intelligent warehousing and distribution, a demonstration base for intelligent warehousing and logistics and a joint urban distribution project have been carried out to improve the level of intelligence.

Smart logistics technology has been initially applied. Artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, remote sensing technology and other high-tech and intelligent equipment such as drones, unmanned warehouses, automated guided vehicles (hereinafter referred to as "AGVs"), robotic arms and other smart devices in the logistics field, as well as man-machines The continuous research and development of innovative technologies such as smart terminals for interactive operations have laid a technical foundation for the development of smart logistics.

Smart logistics promotes the renewal and iteration of new logistics models. The core of smart logistics is "coordination and sharing". Its rise has given birth to new business models and market participants. The emergence of new models such as "Internet + truck-to-cargo matching", "Internet + multimodal transport", "Internet + warehousing transaction" and other new models has increased The degree of integration of logistics supply and demand resources provides new ideas for enterprise transformation and upgrading.

Major enterprises are making efforts in the field of smart logistics. JD Smart Logistics uses artificial intelligence (hereinafter referred to as "AI"), big data, robots and other technologies to realize intelligent unmanned, and builds a full-link intelligent logistics system of "prediction-inventory-warehousing-transportation-distribution" and establishes wisdom The basic logistics database uses big data and algorithm technology to realize the balance of multiple warehouses and the intelligent layout of commodities. Unmanned high-tech such as unmanned warehouses, unmanned vehicles, and drones promote the rapid development of smart logistics; Cainiao network widely uses manual labor Intelligent, start the Internet of Things strategy (hereinafter referred to as "IoT"), the Cainiao ET logistics laboratory cuts into the scene, after the package enters the three-dimensional distribution network, artificial intelligence automatically allocates the route, and uses unmanned vehicles and drones for delivery. Cainiao’s future smart logistics park is based on IoT technology, using sensing devices and edge computing capabilities, using robots, robotic arms and other unmanned devices and AI perception, and applying intelligent planning technology to achieve a highly digitalized future park. SF Parcel is connected to the Internet of Things through radio frequency identification (hereinafter referred to as "RFID"). AGV is widely used in warehousing. In addition to the above hardware, it also solves algorithm and scenario problems. SF Artificial Intelligence optimizes visual natural language processing technology to achieve logistics Multi-service scenarios, including real-time applications in scenarios such as piece volume forecasting, network design connection planning, loading rate measurement, waybill identification, loading and unloading detection. The successive investment in advanced technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence has boosted the development of smart logistics

5G technology boosts the development of smart logistics. In the transportation and distribution links of logistics, 5G technology can realize automated transportation, unmanned driving, etc.; in the warehousing link of logistics, 5G technology can carry out efficient and intelligent sorting, intelligent customized warehousing environment and storage capacity management for warehoused goods; in logistics For packaging, handling and other links, 5G technology can be widely used in intelligent robots; in the logistics information link, 5G technology can track logistics information in real time and achieve efficient management. 5G technology is applied to logistics parks, which can realize high intelligence, self-decision and integration in the park, automatic calculation of transportation vehicle routes and optimization of parking spaces, and realize the connection of people, vehicles, warehouses, equipment, etc., and the efficiency of human-computer interaction Scheduling.

The Internet of Things is an important aspect of promoting the development of smart logistics. The Internet of Things technology includes sensing equipment, RFID technology, laser infrared scanning, infrared induction recognition, etc. The Internet of Things is based on the development of the Internet, which effectively connects the goods in the logistics to the network, and can monitor the goods in real time. For example, RFID technology is applied in the storage field, which can non-contact read shelf-related information, obtain the accurate location of goods, improve sorting efficiency, reduce ineffective manual operations, and sense environmental data such as humidity and temperature in the warehouse. Ensure the storage environment of the goods.

Use big data technology to deeply explore the value of data in smart logistics. With the rapid development of the logistics industry, consumer demand data is becoming more and more huge. Filtering and mining effective data from massive databases, and conducting scientific analysis on them for decision-making services are important content of smart logistics. Through big data technology, all data in logistics can be sensed and collected, uploaded to the data layer of the information platform, and the data can be filtered, mined, and analyzed, and finally provide accurate data support for business processes. Big data technology is applied to smart logistics parks. Through information system integration platform and communication technology, the interconnection of upstream and downstream enterprises in the park and related supply chains in the park can be realized. It can also evaluate the existing park data and predict the future.

Vigorously promote the application of AI technology in the field of smart logistics. In recent years, artificial intelligence technology has emerged in smart logistics. In terms of smart devices, drones, unmanned warehouses, and unmanned vehicles have begun to be used. UAVs are mainly used for distribution in remote villages, and unmanned warehouses have a large number of technological breakthroughs and innovations in algorithms, mechanical structures, application scenarios, etc., and logistics robots such as handling, sorting, stacking, and forklifts in the warehouse work together. It is the current smart logistics operation scene of small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises.

The application of new retail, scene logistics, vehicle-to-cargo matching, and supply chain financial logistics service models opens up a new ecology of smart logistics

New retail smart logistics model. Relying on the Internet, new retail uses big data, AI and other technologies to upgrade and rebuild the entire chain of product production, circulation, and sales, and deeply integrate online and offline to create a new retail model with efficient logistics and distribution. The new retail business model needs to reshape the layout of offline warehouses, optimize the matching of distribution resources and stores, optimize paths through big data technology, integrate resources such as manpower, goods, facilities and equipment, and customer needs, so as to achieve the synchronized operation of the overall supply chain. Various collaborations require the support of a smart logistics system, which forces companies to develop and apply smart logistics technology.

Innovative scene logistics service mode. Logistics companies not only deliver goods, but also provide solutions. The innovative development of the service industry pays more attention to customer experience. Take Haier Goodaymart's innovative logistics model as an example. It uses Internet of Things technology to create an ecosystem of scenarios such as smart home services and convenient travel, and build a top brand supplier ecosystem in the industry.

Smart cars and goods match the smart logistics platform. The use of mobile big data, AI and other technologies can build a shared logistics platform for capacity bidding transactions, which can reduce costs for cargo owners and reduce the time for truck drivers to find sources of goods. For example, China Storage Intelligent Transportation (China Storage Intelligent Transportation Logistics e-commerce platform) implements a logistics capacity bidding transaction model, develops "car-free carrier" business, and relies on the platform to provide intelligent vehicle and cargo matching services, and builds intelligent logistics transactions and intelligent logistics analysis and forecasting. Big system. The platform conducts precise mining and analysis of vehicle, cargo, and human-related data, and intelligently matches driver integrity data, uses algorithms to plan the optimal transportation route, and matches the source of return empty vehicles.

Smart supply chain financial model. Using smart logistics technology, intelligent management of targets such as positioning, tracking, and monitoring can be carried out, and data can be summarized and analyzed. Each participant can perceive and supervise the existence and real-time changes of movable assets, thereby performing risk monitoring and reducing financial The investment risk of the enterprise.

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