860~960MHz UHF Gen2 RFID Tag

The reading distance of UHF RFID tags is relatively long, and the passive can reach about 10m. It is mainly realized through capacitive coupling.

Features: 1. In this frequency band, the global definition is not the same-the frequency defined in Europe and part of Asia is 868MHz, the frequency band defined in North America is between 902 and 928MHz, and the frequency band recommended in Japan is between 950 and 956. The wavelength of this frequency band is about 30cm.

2. At present, the power output of this frequency band is currently defined as a unified definition (4W in the United States and 500mW in Europe). Maybe the European limit will rise to 2W EIRP.

3. Radio waves in the UHF frequency band cannot pass through many materials, especially water and metal, and suspended particles such as dust and fog also have an impact. Compared with high-frequency electronic tags, electronic tags in this frequency band do not need to be separated from metal.

4. The antenna of the electronic tag is generally long and tag-shaped. The antenna has two designs of wired polarity and circular polarization to meet the needs of different applications.

The main applications of UHF electronic tags:

 1. Logistics and supply chain management solutions

2. Management and application of production line automation

3. Management and application of air parcels

4. Container management and application

5. Management and application of railway parcels

6. Application of logistics management system. We have no doubt that in the future, UHF products will be widely used.

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