How to keep product quality and safety

The agricultural product quality and safety traceability system platform of agricultural planting and animal husbandry industry uses RFID radio frequency technology to collect and upload the agricultural product quality and safety data of agricultural products from growth to sales in a timely manner to provide consumers with timely agricultural product quality and safety traceability query services , Provide effective agricultural product quality and safety supervision and management mechanisms and means for the agriculture and animal husbandry departments.

        Seedling period: The quality and safety traceability system of agricultural products is deeply integrated with the intelligent environmental monitoring system of agricultural greenhouses. After the crops grow seedlings in the greenhouse, select representative crops (no less than 3 plants) in the greenhouse, and hang the electronic label on the On crop seedlings, and install wireless RFID reading and writing equipment in the greenhouse, the agricultural greenhouse intelligent environmental monitoring system will periodically (such as every other week) save the collected environmental data to the electronic tag through the RFID reading and writing equipment;

        Growth period: When the operator fertilizes, sprays pesticides, and irrigates crops through the agricultural greenhouse monitoring system, the system automatically records the operating information, and actively sends the information to the electronic tag for storage through the RFID read-write device, and the system hosts Because of the manual entry of offline operations.

Initial processing: When the crop is mature and mature, the operator will perform initial processing. The processing personnel will automatically record the time of initial processing and the operator through the RFID scanning device and save it in the RFID electronic tag.

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