RFID Solution for pig

1. Background

As the land area of our country continues to decrease, the "space" in the sky is planned and used rationally. In recent years, it has been used properly, saving land, meeting environmental protection requirements, using automated machinery for feeding, automated equipment to manage pig breeding, reducing labor input, and improving operational efficiency!

RFID radio frequency identification technology is an advanced wireless communication technology. RFID animal breeding equipment is widely used in the process of pig breeding to promote the development of high-floor pig breeding and greatly improve the automation and scientific management of the pig industry.

RFID floor pig raising

2. RFID radio frequency identification technology

RFID radio frequency identification technology is a wireless transmission technology, which has the advantages of high identification, fast reading speed, batch identification, and strong durability. It has become one of the main technologies in the field of pig breeding. Collect RFID electronic label information through RFID reader to realize data collection and achieve target recognition.

Third, the application of RFID in high-floor pig raising

High-floor pig breeding is very strict, not only the applicable equipment but also the site adopts strict disinfection and sterilization; high-floor ventilation and lighting, fecal separation treatment, environmental protection and sanitation; at the same time, it can greatly save labor time, through the RFID electronic ear tag reader , The antenna equipment is installed in the pig passage door. When the pigs wearing electronic ear tags pass the passage door, intelligent automatic inventory is realized, without manual intervention, the specific position of each pig can be grasped at any time, and efficient control is carried out. At the same time, the automatic feeder An electronic ear tag reader can be installed on it to intelligently monitor the eating status of live pigs, avoid the occurrence of repeated feeding and leakage of live pigs, and can be used on an intelligent weighing platform to reasonably control the weight of live pigs.

Fourth, the core value of RFID technology in raising pigs on high floors

1. The use of RFID technology in pig raising on high floors has very important economic benefits, reducing labor input, improving work efficiency, advancing work progress, and increasing overall income.

2. The pig access door realizes intelligent automatic inventory and improves the level of intelligent management.

3. The application of intelligent weighing and intelligent feeding improves work efficiency, controls the reasonable weight of pigs, and reaches the standard slaughter weight.

4. Electronic file creation, real-time view of pig growth, breeding production process (entry, daily feeding, epidemic prevention, disease, feeding, growth cycle reminder, slaughter, etc.) and other information to realize the transparency and visualization of the whole breeding process .

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