RFID sensors help flexible production

Flexible production (Flexible Production) refers to the realization of a multi-variety, small-batch production method mainly relying on highly flexible manufacturing equipment based on computer numerical control machine tools, that is, through the system structure, personnel organization, operation mode, and marketing. Reform enables the production system to quickly adapt to changes in market demand, while eliminating redundant and useless losses, and striving to achieve greater benefits for enterprises. Flexible production is a new production mode proposed for the disadvantages of mass production. Computer and automation technology are the material technology basis of flexible production.

        Small output and individualization will become a major trend in the manufacturing industry. The slogan of Industry 4.0 is to achieve small output and individualized and flexible production. In order to achieve this, the machine or equipment must be able to handle the conditions conveyed by different products and adjust to different specifications. Only in this way can we customize products according to customer needs, even meet individual product production, and produce products flexibly and efficiently according to individual needs.

        RFID sensors can bring flexibility to a new level. In this way, data in production can be obtained in real time. Analyze the measurement data through the intelligent function inside the sensor, and correspond to the valid data with the set program. The RFID smart sensor supports and effectively reduces the burden of equipment data processing. Therefore, with the help of RFID sensing technology, the flexibility of flexible production can be greatly improved, and resource utilization efficiency can be ensured, waste products can be reduced, and high productivity can be achieved.

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