What are the forms of RFID tags

The core of unmanned retail lies in the rapid development of mobile payment, especially the development and growth of mobile payment platforms represented by Alipay and WeChat. The development of e-commerce is slowing down, and it is urgent to realize the transformation from the network to the entity through the use of scene applications. The credit system represented by Zhima Credit will be well promoted and popularized in the field of unmanned retail. After all, every consumption is recorded and every consumption activity is documented. This will also become the basis for future data analysis. . According to different technologies, there are currently three types of unmanned retail stores commonly seen in the domestic market:

        The first category: machine vision technology unmanned shop

        The second category: RFID technology unmanned store, which is a kind of electronic tag, using radio frequency identification technology, it can be completed without direct contact, laser scanning, or manual intervention. Currently operating unmanned convenience stores use this technology more, and this technology is relatively mature;

   The third category: Unmanned stores with QR code as the core represented by convenience stores and small e-micro stores (low cost, closer to traditional retail).

  1. High frequency tag

RFID tag on the product

  Several forms of high-frequency tags are used in unmanned retail freezer applications. The high-frequency tags themselves will have a relatively short reading distance, so the tags are generally placed close to the antenna. Similar to the position of the bottom of the product or the bottom side of the side, it is more convenient to read the product information if it is close to the antenna

   2. UHF tags

Unmanned vending machine

    The non-friendly media of UHF tags include liquids and metals. The tags should be kept away from liquids and metals during use. Therefore, UHF tags include flag type, cable tie type, anti-metal and other forms. Among them is an anti-liquid UHF tag recently released by Innore and Deshan, which is currently being tested.

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