RFID luggage tracking technology

Recently, the RFID wireless radio frequency technology of China Eastern Yunnan Company was launched at Kunming Changshui International Airport. This is another "black technology" after the baggage visualization system is put into operation. "RFID, also known as radio frequency identification, is a technology that uses radio signals to identify specific targets and read and write related data. When passengers check in their luggage, the staff writes the luggage tag number, flight number, departure port, arrival port and other information into the luggage tag In the embedded chip, when the checked baggage with chip information passes through various link nodes such as sorting, loading, arrival, and extraction, these baggage data information will be automatically collected by the device into the background database, thereby achieving the accuracy of the entire process of baggage transportation Tracking improves the level of safe baggage transportation," Li Shan, Manager of Station Support Center, Ground Service Department of Yunnan Company, introduced.

      RFID luggage tracking technology is the most advanced in the world. Compared with traditional optical scanning identification, it is more efficient and more accurate. The RFID system recognizes the luggage identification information through the embedded chip in the luggage strip, which is not affected by the conditions of the luggage barcode position, quality, light and other conditions, which greatly improves the recognition efficiency and accuracy of the TTS system.

        China Eastern Yunnan Company made full use of RFID technology and BMS system to achieve resource sharing, added baggage tracking node, improved baggage tracking path, and strengthened the whole process tracking effect. Automatically collect baggage check-in (check-in), security inspection, conveyor belt transportation, baggage sorting, baggage loading, baggage unloading and other node information through RFID scanning equipment, and then use the BMS system to feed back the scan results of each baggage transportation node to form a complete baggage transmission Link to realize the whole process of baggage tracking. In the next stage, based on the application of RFID wireless radio frequency technology, China Eastern Yunnan Company will launch a real-time query function of baggage data, at which time passengers will be able to obtain dynamic baggage information at any time through the China Eastern Airlines self-service terminal.

       In addition, China Eastern Yunnan Company uses RFID wireless radio frequency technology to share resources with the visual auxiliary sorting system established on the outbound baggage carousel, so that information such as baggage flight number and flight loading time can be displayed on the LED bar screen simultaneously. The sorter controls the flight dynamics in real time according to the prompt information, which significantly improves the efficiency of manual baggage sorting and greatly guarantees the flight punctuality rate.

       It is understood that in order to ensure the smooth operation of the RFID system, the ground service department of China Eastern Yunnan Company carried out training on the use of RFID scanners in the baggage sorting and baggage handling operations of the ground service department of Yunnan Company. In the baggage transportation guarantee process, the manual sorting and handling scanning process is refined into "four guns". Among them, the "first gun" is the scan of the sorting baggage loading pallet; the "second gun" is the scan of the departure baggage machine; the "third gun" is the scan of the arrival baggage release link; the "fourth gun" is the passenger who has not traveled Baggage search scan. He conducted detailed skills training according to the usage rules and precautions of each gun for manual scanning of the RFID system, thus ensuring the high accuracy of the entire process of RFID system identification.

       At present, China Eastern Yunnan Company uses RFID radio frequency technology in five routes: Kunming-Shanghai Line, Kunming-Beijing Line, Kunming-Xi'an Line, Kunming-Wuhan Line, and Kunming-Urumqi Line. In the next step, the technology will be expanded to use more routes, and then gradually cover the entire process of inbound and outbound flight security.

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