what is different between RFID and barcode?

Radio frequency identification technology RFID (Radio Frequecy Identification), commonly known as electronic tags. RFID is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which is mainly used to establish unique identification for various items and is an important supporting technology for the Internet of Things.

Radio Frequency Identification Technology RFID

      The RFID system consists of: electronic tags, readers (readers), and computers as servers. Among them, the electronic tag contains an RFID chip and an antenna. Its working principle is that when the user uses the reader to operate the electronic tag on the item, the reader antenna sends an electromagnetic signal to the tag to communicate with the tag. The RFID code in the tag is transmitted back to the reader, and the reader then communicates with the system. The server conducts a dialogue and queries the description information of the item according to the code.

Functional principle of RFID system

     RFID tags are divided into active and passive tags. Active tags are battery-powered, and the distance to the reader can reach more than 10m when working, but the cost is higher and the application is less. Currently, passive tags are mostly used in practical applications. The energy is extracted from the electromagnetic field emitted by the reader to supply power, and the distance to the reader when working is about 1m.

Barcode technology VS RFID

     Barcode technology and RFID technology are called item IDs in the Internet of Things era, because they can be used to store item information and can represent the identity of the item to a certain extent, but RFID stores more information and can be used as the only item Identity. In addition, there are many differences between the two:

    (1) Barcodes do not have read and write functions, and information cannot be added to already printed barcodes; RFID tags can be read and written, RFID readers can communicate with the tags, and modify the stored information within the allowable range of the tag design.

    (2) The barcode reader needs to be aligned and read at close range on the printed barcode, and the barcode only supports close-range reading; the RFID tag supports a farther reading distance, and the RFID reader does not require active RFID tags or Passive RFID tags for close-range alignment reading.

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