RFID Laundry applicaiton

How to improve the turnover efficiency of linen in laundry rooms, hotels/hospitals/railway operating companies, how to reduce the loss of linen, how to effectively manage the life cycle of linen, how to accurately understand whether to clean every time according to the standard, How to know the quality of linen clearly is a matter of concern for linen washers (washing companies), linen users (hotels/hospitals/railroad companies), and linen producers (cloth linen production companies). Intelligent washing solution, which gives each linen a unique code in the world, together with unique reading and writing equipment arranged in the linen user and linen washing side, we can accurately understand the location of each linen and track the linen Each circulation of simplifies many manual interventions during the circulation of linen. So as to realize the management of the whole process and full life cycle of linen. By implanting washing electronic tags on linens, the linens are given a unique global code, so that linens can become smart linens, which can be monitored and traced throughout each life cycle and in every circulation link. As each piece of linen passes through each specific link, there is a reading and writing device that reads and writes the information quickly and in bulk, and uploads the data to the cloud server. After the real-time, objective, and massive data of linen are aggregated to the cloud, the system will output targeted kanban, statistics, and trends, thus providing a comprehensive overview of historical information and future trend prediction for operating companies.



1. Accelerate circulation and increase income;

2. Improve customer experience and competitiveness;

3. Reduce linen loss, reduce linen demand, and save costs;

4. Reduce inventory and save investment;

5. Simplify the workload and save labor

6. Quantify the condition of linen and improve quality control

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