RFID washable tags

The use of RFID plays an important role in the identification and management of clothing. The UHF RFID technology is used to achieve efficient management of rapid laundry collection, sorting, automatic inventory, and laundry picking in the laundry industry. RFID linen management Through the installation of RFID electronic tags, the use of RFID tabletop, handheld, fixed reader and other intelligent management modes that automatically identify various management processes allows clothing linen to be better managed. Through waterproof RFID electronic tags, unified recycling, logistics and acceptance are completed accurately, which greatly improves the unified management efficiency.

RFID clothing washing collection

Introduction to the working process

1. Pre-recorded label information

Before the clothes are delivered for use, you need to use the pre-record function to register the clothes information. For example, register the following information: clothing number, clothing name, clothing category, clothing department, clothing owner, remarks, etc.

After the pre-recording is completed, all information will be stored in the database. At the same time, the reader will re-encode the clothing label for secondary inspection and classification management.

The pre-recorded clothing can be distributed to various departments for use.

2. Sewage classification and storage

When the laundry is brought to the laundry room, the label number on the laundry can be read through a fixed or handheld reader, and then the corresponding information is queried in the database and displayed on the screen to classify and check the laundry.

Here you can check whether the clothes have been pre-recorded, or misplaced, etc. After the system storage operation is completed, the storage time, data, operator and other information are automatically recorded, and the storage receipt is automatically printed out.

3. Sort out and leave the cleaned clothes

For cleaned clothes, you can read the tag number on the clothes through a fixed or handheld reader, and then query the corresponding information in the database and display it on the screen to classify and check the clothes. After the system's outbound operation is completed, the outbound time, data, operator and other information are automatically recorded, and the outbound voucher is automatically printed.

The finished clothes can be distributed to the corresponding department for use.

4. Generate statistical analysis report at specified time

According to the needs of customers, you can use the data stored in the database to generate various analysis reports that are conducive to improving the management level of the laundry room.

5. Query history

You can quickly query the cleaning records of clothes and other information by scanning the label or entering the number.

The above describes the most conventional laundry applications, the main advantages are:

a. Batch scanning identification, without a single scan, convenient for manual handover and management work, convenient and fast to use;

b. Improve work efficiency and economic benefits, save personnel expenses and reduce costs;

c. Record laundry information, can generate various reports, query and historical tracking and print out the required information at any time.

RFID washable electronic tags

A button-shaped (or label-like) electronic label is sewn on each piece of linen. The electronic label has a globally unique identification code, that is, each piece of linen will have a unique management logo until the linen is scrapped (label Reusable, but not exceeding the service life of the label itself). In the entire linen use and washing management, the use status and washing times of the linen are automatically recorded by the RFID reader. Supports batch reading of tags during washing handover, making handover of washing tasks simple and transparent, and reducing business disputes. At the same time, by tracking the number of washings, it is possible to estimate the service life of the current linen for the user and provide forecast data for the purchase plan.

The flexible UHF RFID water washable tag has the durability of autoclaving, small size, strong, chemical resistance, washable and dry cleaning, and high temperature cleaning characteristics. Sewing it on clothes can assist in automatic identification and collection of information. It is widely used in laundry management, uniform rental management, clothing storage management, etc. to reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency. The required environment.

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