Smart label plus smart supply chain

As far as the traditional operation of the industry is concerned, many carton packages of food ingredients and ingredients are generally discarded after the goods are delivered, but as the carton usage and cost increase year by year, this method is neither environmentally friendly nor economical. In recent years, many food retailers and manufacturers have requested to switch to plastic recyclable trays or boxes in order to achieve environmental protection and reduce costs-this customer's demand has caused Mifu to face a challenge: trays often cannot be Efficient recycling, or convection transfer to a third-party tray to prove the identity of the owner.

A food ingredient distribution center in Jiangsu uses 60,000 pieces of disposable cartons every week to deliver ingredients to customers in 4,000 different outlets. In response to the rising cost of carton handling, many customers have turned to recyclable plastic boxes for sustainable purposes-the cost of plastic boxes is ten times that of carton boxes, and the greater challenge lies in how to effectively track plastic boxes. Make sure they are fully recycled.

In this case, the food distribution center needs a solution based on ultra-high frequency radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to meet the actual needs-RFID tags because of their resistance to sunlight and rain are enough to withstand the cleaning process of the tray. And to achieve a strong level of resistance to manual operation of the operator.

"We only need to develop some simple procedures to associate the smart label of the food distribution center with customer delivery and empty tray recycling, so that we can observe the daily tray recycling rate of each customer, once this number does not reach the agreed Level, the system will issue a warning. "-Product Manager of Mifu Business Quality Improvement Team.

Under the recommendation of Mifu Technology, the food distribution center uses RFID technology to solve the existing problems: Mifu Zhiyuan has customized an automatic RFID tag tracking system for it, and deployed a top-mounted code reader at the entrance and exit of the tray. The goal is to improve the accuracy of inventory The specific method is to put an RFID tag on each pallet as a marker. Once the pallet leaves the warehouse and enters the distribution link, it will be read by the Mifu system. The empty pallet will be read again in the recycling link-if the pallet is not in After being recovered within the set time period, the system will bill the cost of the new pallet to the customer.

In addition, in order to prevent the pallets from being damaged during operation and cleaning, the Mifu system also has a set of precautions: attach an RFID tag to each pallet. The additional label can provide backup in extreme cases-so that the two labels on each tray must be identical, and encoded with a unique identification code corresponding to each tray, written to each label chip. This process can ensure that 95% of the pallets can be recovered within a specified time, thereby greatly reducing the pallet loss rate.

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