The solution of rfid metal tag

The anti-metal high-frequency electronic tag is an electronic tag using a new material with anti-interference function, which effectively solves the problem of the metal carrier interfering with the radio frequency signal of the electronic tag attached to its surface.

In ultra high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification tag systems, the identification of tags attached to metal carriers is particularly difficult. These systems provide a larger read / write range, but their radio frequency is more difficult to penetrate obstacles like metals. Higher frequency radio waves will be reflected back by metal objects.

High-efficiency wave-absorbing materials are now used. The principle is based on the law of electromagnetic waves propagating from low magnetic to high magnetic directions in the medium, using high permeability ferrite to guide electromagnetic waves. Convert the energy of electromagnetic waves into heat energy.

RFID anti-metal tags are divided into high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency tags. Anti-metal tags include flexible anti-metal tags, PCB anti-metal tags, ceramic anti-metal tags, ABS anti-metal tags, anti-metal phones

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