Popularization of new technologies such as electronic tags

Popularization of new technologies such as electronic tags

With the acceleration of the urbanization process and the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, with the support of a number of national policies to support rural development, the rural circulation network system has been continuously improved, the operational efficiency and service quality have been significantly improved, and many fruitful experiences have been obtained. However, in the face of the escalating and diversified needs of rural residents, the circulation network system still faces some problems and needs to be further strengthened to improve the quality of economic development.

How to improve the rural circulation network system

1. Good top-level design, promulgating the policy "combination punch" to improve the rural circulation network system. In order to promote the construction of the rural circulation network system, the Ministry of Commerce emphasized that in the "Thirteenth Five-Year Development Plan for Domestic Trade and Circulation" and "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Construction of the Agricultural Product Market System" and other documents, it emphasized increasing investment in agricultural product circulation infrastructure and building The agricultural product public welfare market system with different levels and reasonable layout improves the urban-rural bidirectional circulation system. At the same time, the Party Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to the 

development of rural e-commerce, and listed "e-commerce poverty alleviation" as one of the top ten poverty alleviation projects. "E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Project", on this basis, the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Rural E-commerce" to increase support and guidance for rural e-commerce development; the Ministry of Commerce and other 19 ministries and commissions jointly issued The Opinions on Rural E-Commerce and the Action Plan for Promoting the Development of Agricultural E-Commerce propose specific measures in terms of cultivating diversified e-commerce market players, strengthening rural e-commerce infrastructure, and creating a rural e-commerce development environment.

2. Promote the improvement of the level of modernization of circulation and improve the operating efficiency of the rural circulation network system. In order to promote the application of information technology and new logistics technologies and the improvement of the quality of rural circulation, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Commerce and other competent authorities have successively issued documents such as the "Pilot Program for Agricultural E-commerce" and the "Three-Day Action Plan for" Internet + "Modern Agriculture". Promote the popularization and application of new technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, global positioning systems, geographic location services, electronic tags, mobile payments, and virtual reality; at the same time, actively promote the innovation of modern rural circulation methods and encourage large circulation enterprises Through the establishment of a supply chain management system (SCM), the integrated management of supply, sales, inventory, human resources, and materials is realized, and the internal information application level of the enterprise is improved.

3. Strengthen the formulation and revision of standards to improve the quality of rural circulation network development. In order to improve the efficiency of circulation, reduce costs and increase efficiency of circulation enterprises, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments issued the "Trade Logistics Standardization Action Plan" in key areas such as trade logistics, e-commerce, agricultural product cold chain, and residential life services. Opinions on Promoting the Development of Unitized Logistics for Standard Pallets "to enhance the standardization of logistics and promote the improvement of the quality of circulation operations; on this basis, in order to promote the development of rural e-commerce, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments have successively issued" Rural E-commerce Service Specifications " Documents such as "Guidelines for Rural E-Commerce Work", actively play the leading role of e-commerce in improving the rural distribution network system; and formulate management standards and technical standards in service specifications, transaction rules, and application of information automation technology, and carry out standardized pilots In order to improve the standardization of rural circulation, strengthen the implementation of standards and standardize operations to prevent the entry of counterfeit and inferior commodities into the rural market, thereby improving the quality of rural circulation.

Effectiveness of improving rural circulation network system

1. Rural circulation network coverage is more comprehensive, and the supply level of circulation facilities has been comprehensively improved. Taking urban and rural co-ordination as the starting point, through the improvement of urban and rural transportation network construction, a new type of transportation network mainly based on highways and high-speed railways will be formed to improve the convenience of rural circulation infrastructure; on this basis, accelerate the construction of commercial outlets in rural areas to encourage and guide large-scale Circulation facility centers are stationed in rural areas, while increasing support for the construction of trade markets in poverty-stricken areas, ethnic areas, border areas and old revolutionary areas, promoting the integration of resources in commerce, supply and marketing, and postal services, improving circulation functions, and optimizing the distribution of circulation networks. Improve rural circulation network service capabilities.

2. The modernization level of rural circulation entities has been significantly improved, and the supply quality of the circulation network system has been comprehensively improved. Make full use of the dividend of technological progress, focus on improving the modernization level of circulation enterprises, and at the same time focus on cultivating new rural circulation subjects and innovating the circulation operation mode. The main performances are as follows: First, large domestic circulation companies have continuously innovated in the application of information technology, logistics and distribution, and quality management, extending the distribution network to rural townships and expanding the network layout in rural areas by means of "channel sinking". Increase the number of chain supermarkets and convenience chain stores, promote the scale and standardization of the rural circulation system, and improve the consumption quality of rural residents. The second is to take the lead of rural leading enterprises as an innovative mode of circulation, attract farmers, brokerages of agricultural products, rural distribution cooperative organizations and other market players to participate, and adopt the integrated model of production and marketing, display and marketing, product direct sales, and agricultural and commercial docking. , Agricultural super-docking mode, etc., to promote the smooth flow of bidirectional supply and demand information, provide a variety of channels for the sale of agricultural products, increase farmers' income, and thus unlock the consumption potential.

3. The rapid development of rural e-commerce promotes the smooth flow of urban and rural two-way circulation channels. With the increase of national support for "e-commerce for poverty alleviation", rural e-commerce has developed rapidly, mainly as follows: First, large e-commerce platforms have set up e-commerce service stations in rural areas, so that online shopping has quickly spread in rural areas and improve residents Convenience of consumption. Secondly, various agricultural product wholesale markets have built their own online trading platforms or used third-party e-commerce platforms to carry out online operations and promote the innovation of rural circulation organizations. Thirdly, a large number of new circulation modes such as "Taobao Village" have emerged, which has enriched the main content of rural circulation, better promoted the upward flow of agricultural products, and increased the source of farmers' income. At present, there are 3202 Taobao villages and 363 Taobao towns across the country, which has increased the density of It has promoted the two-way flow of goods between urban and rural areas, fully demonstrating the huge role played by rural e-commerce in meeting the consumption needs of rural residents and promoting the sale of agricultural products.

the problem we are facing

1. The implementation effect of the policy of building a rural circulation network system has not been fully demonstrated

As the construction of the rural circulation network system involves multiple administrative departments, policy measures have overlapping points, and the situation varies greatly from place to place, and the understanding and implementation scale of the policies are different, which has led to many policy measures issued by the relevant state departments, implemented during the implementation process. There are differences in strength and deviations in implementation effects. Some preferential policies have failed to achieve the expected results, resulting in a large gap in the construction level of rural circulation network systems in various regions. And due to the different concepts and understanding of the promotion of modernization and standardization of circulation in various regions, specific The implementation effect is different, the progress in the new round of improving the rural circulation network system is different, and there are various differences. Therefore, there is an urgent need to establish a unified coordination mechanism, centrally supervise and implement policy measures, timely evaluate the implementation effect, and adjust policy measures in a timely manner in light of the actual conditions in various places, so as to better implement policies, so as to further improve the rural circulation network system and enhance rural circulation Running quality.

2. The network end distribution system needs to be improved

Although the rural circulation network system is relatively complete, it is still insufficient in terms of terminal distribution, the circulation efficiency is not high, and the "last mile" phenomenon is more prominent. At present, the e-commerce logistics distribution system basically covers townships and towns, but there is no effective connection between townships and villages. The phenomenon of loss of goods and bursting of warehouses in peak seasons often occur, affecting the consumption quality of rural residents. Moreover, due to the poor connection between the distribution network trunk line and the branch line, it hindered the upward efficiency of agricultural products, reduced the timeliness of the sale of fresh agricultural products, and affected the rural "Taobao shop" online sales of agricultural products.

3. The operation quality of the circulation network system needs to be improved

Due to the imbalanced economic development among regions, there is a gap in the integrity of the rural distribution network system, especially the low level of modernization of the distribution infrastructure in the central and western regions, and the relatively backward storage, cold chain logistics and transportation facilities, which greatly affects the efficiency of circulation . Moreover, as the main body of rural circulation is self-operated small and medium-sized circulation enterprises, it is generally small in scale and weak in strength, lacking the ability and effective means to control the quality of commodities, giving fake and inferior commodities access to the rural market as an opportunity to disrupt The order of the rural consumer market is impaired, and the enthusiasm of rural residents for consumption is impaired.

Development proposals

1. Construct a multi-level policy system for the rural circulation network system

In recent years, the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture and other departments have issued a number of policies and measures to support the construction of rural circulation network systems. However, due to the uneven development of the regions, especially the differences in the development of rural areas in the eastern, central and western regions, leading to localities There are differences in the strength of implementing policies. Therefore, it is recommended that on the basis of the establishment of inter-ministerial joint meetings at the level of national ministries and committees, coordinated measures should be issued at the provincial, municipal and county levels to establish a network system of policy measures to implement financial, tax, credit and Improve the rural circulation network system from multiple angles such as land exemption and convenient transportation. Specific methods: First, establish a joint meeting system of departments, comprehensively coordinate the development strategy, major policies, and key regulatory areas of the rural circulation system, avoid multiple policies and repeated inspections, and form a linkage mechanism for departmental support policies and regulatory measures; second, Evaluate the effects of existing rural distribution network system policies, adjust various policies in time to better guide the development of the rural distribution market; the third is to establish a large-scale distribution company urban-rural co-construction mechanism, and increase the purchase channels, commodity brands and quality of rural stores Identify and prevent unqualified commodities from flowing to the rural market, and further strengthen the quality supervision, increase the frequency of inspections, expand the scope of inspections, and increase the punishment to strengthen the sense of responsibility of the rural individual business circulation subject.

2. Improve the circulation laws and regulations system

China has issued a series of laws and regulations in the field of market circulation, including automobile sales and auctions. However, compared with developed countries, the circulation legal system needs to be further improved in order to better improve the quality of consumption. Specifically, it is necessary to formulate systematic laws and regulations on market access, commodity circulation standardization, and price management. It is recommended to draw on the United States, Japan, and South Korea and other countries to promulgate similar to the "Agricultural Fair Trade Law" and "Perishable Agricultural Products Law." The Wholesalers and Livestock Yard Law, etc .; Japan has the Central City Street Activation Law and the Wholesale Market Law; and South Korea has the Distribution Industry Development Law. The second is to improve the legislation that regulates the behavior of market circulation entities, strengthen law enforcement, strengthen supervision and management, severely crack down on the manufacture, transportation and sales of counterfeit and shoddy products in rural areas, maintain market circulation order, and create a fair, open and fair market environment.

3. Improve the rural terminal distribution system

In order to improve the level of modern facilities in rural areas, especially the construction of circulation infrastructure in rural areas in the central and western regions, we must focus on increasing the investment and utilization of advanced transportation vehicles, modern storage facilities, logistics handling equipment, etc .; Launching, focusing on increasing the installation and use of market information collection systems, logistics and transportation tracking information systems, etc., thereby improving the quality of terminal distribution services. Relying on the main role of post and supply and marketing cooperatives in rural commercial circulation, it is recommended to combine many small and decentralized distribution enterprises, and use post office express points as nodes to build a multi-level and large-scale rural logistics distribution system. In terms of delivery methods, it is possible to connect logistics between rural areas and towns, develop urban-rural express co-operation services, introduce bus companies for joint distribution, and also cooperate with supply and marketing cooperatives and villagers to deliver and receive parcels.

4. Improve the operating capacity of rural circulation enterprises

Through policy guidance and complementary advantages planning, we will introduce advantageous circulation enterprises to rural areas, provide targeted assistance and technical output, provide guidance on market access, standardized standardized operations, quality and safety supervision and integrity system construction, and conduct business Training, improve the quality of rural circulation practitioners, change business awareness, and promote the improvement of the operation level and capabilities of rural circulation enterprises, thereby improving the quality of operations, improving the rural consumption environment, and improving the consumption quality of rural residents.

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