What Is RFID Tag?

What Is RFID Tag?

A Radio Frequency Identification Tag (RFID tag) is an electronic tag that exchanges data with a RFID reader through radio waves.

Most RFID tags are made up of at least two main parts. The first is an an antenna, which receives radio frequency (RF) waves. The second is an integrated circuit (IC), which is used for processing and storing data, as well as modulating and demodulating the radio waves received/sent by the antenna.

A RFID tag is also known as a RFID chip.

          How Does A RFID Tag Work?

· Reader transfers energy to the transponder by emitting electromagnetic waves throught air.

· Transponder uses RF energy to charge up.

· Transponder receives command/data signal and responds accordingly.

· Reader receives transponder response and process accordingly ie. sent to a host computer or external devices through its control lines.

                  RFID Tag Applications

Here’s 7 fascinating RFID Tag Uses for your inspiration and consideration:

· Fashion: smart fitting rooms

· Amusement parks: no-swipe ticket passes

· Casinos: Robbery-proof chips

· Sports: loss-resistant golf balls

· Guns: safety products

· Car rental: no-waiting vehicle returns

· Health care: a hygiene solution

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