RFID application in cosmetics

in the era of the booming Internet, online shopping has entered an important part of people's daily lives, and more and more cosmetics e-commerce have emerged. Due to the different brands and origins, the variety of cosmetics is 100 times different. The huge profit space and profits make cosmetics the hardest hit by counterfeits. On the other hand, in the e-commerce model of agency distribution, it is difficult to control the circulation of products in the market. Due to the low threshold of e-commerce and strong concealment, the sales of cosmetics are varied and the quality cannot be guaranteed. Not only affect the brand image of the product itself, but also cause significant loss of profits to the dealers.

As a daily necessities of cosmetics, the scale of China's cosmetics market has exceeded 300 billion yuan, and the industry CAGR is as high as 9.1%. According to statistics, in 2015 China's cosmetics market size was 315.6 billion yuan, and China became the world's second largest consumer of cosmetics after the United States. In the past five years, China's cosmetics industry has a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 9.1%, which is much higher than the global average CAGR of 4.1%. It is estimated that in 2019, China's cosmetics industry market will reach 499.6 billion yuan.

In addition, due to the continuous innovation of the modern industry, the products of most cosmetics companies in the market are becoming more and more novel. The rich product line also brings a lot of trouble to warehouse picking. Traditional manual picking methods can no longer meet the company's needs.

In order to solve the above problems and achieve leap-forward development, Chuanqi Intelligent proposes the following solutions for reference

1. Stick the NFC fragile anti-transfer label on the product, and paste it on the product or the opening of the package. Due to the variety of cosmetics, the packaging of the product is also very diverse. It is recommended to use shrink products to label the product when the label cannot be used Stick on the scale. Each NFC fragile anti-transfer tag has a globally unique ID number and cannot be counterfeited or tampered with. NFC fragile anti-transfer tag can achieve the effect of tearing and destroying, and can not be transferred twice. It can fully realize the information management of product production statistics, circulation traceability, sales data, etc .;

2.Using ultra-high frequency electronic tags on the large box of the whole box can realize the management of the outbound and inward storage of products and the problem of warehouse inventory;

3.Consignors and warehouses use handheld computers to conduct query and tracking management of goods;

4, courier and consumer terminal query can use NFC mobile device settings to read. (NFC-free phones can use audio card reader elf temporary)

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