RFID aplication in retail field

With the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend in our country, the labor costs are also getting higher and higher. In order to reduce operating costs, an unmanned intelligent freezer that integrates online traffic and offline experience has become the best way to explore new retail models. Traditional vending machines have high prices and large floor areas, and once the type of goods is determined, it is not easy to change. The new retail AI smart cabinet solution uses RFID radio frequency identification technology and visual identification technology to automatically identify product information, and can be quickly transformed using traditional freezer. It does not need to be on duty. Its overall cost is only less than 70% of that of a traditional vending machine, and its floor area is only half that of a traditional vending machine. It is easier to deploy in a small space and achieve high-volume applications.

The smart freezer supports mainstream payment apps such as WeChat and Alipay to scan and automatically open the door, select the product to be automatically identified, and close the door to settle automatically. Each freezer can hold up to 200 items, and the accuracy of the product identification is as high as 100%.

• Intelligent operation management

By connecting to the intelligent retail platform, the product is automatically notified when the product is out of stock; the status of the equipment is grasped at any time, and the environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity are monitored in real time.

• Anti-theft

Through the AI visual recognition technology, all products can be automatically identified, and all the theft of goods can be identified. It assists the video to monitor the shopping process and prevent theft.

• Convenient network deployment.

Support 4G wireless data backhaul, quickly set up the network, eliminate wiring troubles, easy operation and maintenance and save operating costs.

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