RFID technology in the financial field

With the continuous development of the Internet of Things, RFID technology has also been widely promoted and applied. Speaking of RFID technology, there are too many applications in various industries. Today we will take a look at what applications RFID technology has in the financial field?

I. Improve the efficiency of bank asset management

Large-scale commercial banks in China have already achieved national data concentration. Their national data centers have a large number of IT equipment, so it is very difficult to track and manage these IT equipment. At present, some domestic banks have begun to use RFID technology to improve the efficiency of bank asset management.

For example, China Construction Bank has applied RFID technology to apply RFID electronic tags to fixed assets such as bank data center cabinets and internal equipment. Data center computer room entrances and cabinets and UHF read / write equipment have been installed inside the computer room environment. The monitoring software, automatic alarm system, and access control system build a complete asset management monitoring platform to achieve comprehensive visual tracking and monitoring of IT equipment, which provides great convenience for data center managers to manage IT equipment.

Improving the management security of bank cash boxes

At present, most of the escrow work of bank cash has been outsourced to security companies. Before the bank branches are open daily, the security company will take out cash boxes from the vaults in the bank center, escorted them, and handed them over to bank branches. After the daily business ends, the security company will hand over the cash box from the bank outlet and deposit it in the bank vault. However, during the handover of the cash box of the bank's cash transport vehicle, there will always be some cases of fraud and misappropriation in the process of entering the cash box, which will cause economic losses to the bank and have a negative social impact. There are hidden safety hazards.

And the RFID technology monitors the cash box transfer process, can realize intelligent escrow supervision, security transfer supervision, personnel identification, automatic monitoring and alarming, so as to ensure correct transfer, high bank cash boxes in and out of the warehouse and transportation process safety.

The specific process is as follows:

1. Attach an independent numbered RFID electronic tag to each tail box to identify cash drawer information in batches. 2. The relevant escort staff, the person in charge of the transfer at the bank outlet, and the gunman all have a unique dedicated RFID electronic tag to ensure that the electronic tag cannot be copied. 3. The escort picks up the handheld RFID reading and writing device based on the RFID identity tag, and downloads the work order for the day (including the tail box card number, line bank outlet, bank card number, bullet label and quantity) on the wireless network on the handheld RFID reading and writing device. (Such as information); 4, according to the task to receive firearms and ammunition, escorted vehicles, cash boxes based on RFID identification tags, the physical system will automatically identify and verify their identity information, the correct person will release, the incorrect system will report to the police; In the process, handheld RFID readers can be used for both parties' identity authentication, the transfer tail box information can be read and automatically checked as the basis for the transfer with the bank outlet, and the wireless network is uploaded to the dispatching monitoring center when the transfer tail box is in the condition. 6. According to the business settlement standards, the relevant business settlement is automatically performed, and the settlement results are printed.

Third, VIP service-improve customer service quality

Some domestic banks have applied RFID technology to their VIP customer management, and issued VIP cards that fused ordinary UnionPay cards with RFID electronic tags to VIP customers. Once a VIP customer enters the bank's door, their personal information, including their name, history, and recent transactions, will be instantly retrieved from a tailored application software database. VIP customer information is obtained from the local database and sent to the customer relationship manager, who personally greets VIP customers, greatly improving the VIP customer experience.

Fourth, bill security

For a long time, many criminals have extended the tentacles of fraud to bank counters and used counterfeit certificates of deposit to cheat deposits. Adding an RFID chip to the certificate of deposit can greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting ability of the bill, can effectively identify the authenticity of the certificate of deposit, and crack down on fraud by criminals.

For example, the Agricultural Bank of China Jiangsu Branch promoted RFID certificates of deposit to strengthen counter-based risk control. The bank comprehensively promotes chip (RFID) deposit receipts, uses packaging technology to add chips to ordinary deposit receipts, and combines chip information with the Agricultural Bank's production system to achieve uniqueness of deposit receipts and prevent the risk of copying and cloning of deposit receipts.

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