Application of RFID tool tags

Application of RFID tool tags

RFID tool tags are involved in many industries. As long as they are managed by smart tools, you can see RFID tool tags. RFID tool tags are RFID electronic tags attached to tools for easy management of tools. And some large factories, maintenance workshops, etc., will need intelligent tool management, which will require our customized RFID tool tags. We have encountered the following intelligent management methods of RFID tools:

I. Management of railway line maintenance tools

There are many types of tools and tools for railway line maintenance, the specifications are large, and the use occasions are scattered. It has always been a management difficulty. After installing RFID tags on each tool, RFID ultra-high-frequency readers can be installed at the entrance of the warehouse to identify the in and out. Utilities and authorization management can also be installed on construction vehicles, UHF readers, real-time monitoring of the vehicles on the implements, how much can be brought back and how much, and real-time reminders when the implements are dropped.

Management of aircraft maintenance equipment

There are many types and high prices of aircraft maintenance tools and parts, and more intelligent management has always been desired by airlines. RFID tags are placed on parts and tools and placed in boxes with RFID readers. The reader in the box is powered by the battery, and the data is connected to the cloud in real time through wireless means. The staff can apply for the tool box through the APP. After the repair work is completed, you can check whether the returned tool is returned on the APP. , All tools and tool boxes can be inquired in the background management software to find the actual location and the person who brought out and installed tools and tools.

Management of high-speed rail and other large equipment production tools

During the production of large-scale equipment such as high-speed rail and ships, a worker must bring a lot of tools to the construction of various sections, which brings great difficulties to the management of the tools. The application is equipped with an RFID reader and a computer to manage the tools. After the car, the management of industrial appliances has become simple. UHF readers are installed in the industrial appliance vehicles to monitor the industrial appliances on the vehicle in real time. The display on the vehicle can display the types and quantities of industrial appliances in real time. You can open the drawer of the work implement to pick up the work implement, prevent the work implement from falling, and save the time for workers and staff to manage the implement.

Management of Work Tools in Prison Workplaces

As a special occasion in the prison labor place, the dangerous materials such as industrial appliances must be strictly managed, and the loss of one will bring a very large security risk. This is the need to install RFID readers at key nodes and labor sites. Real-time monitoring of the location and use of tools.

RFID UHF RFID tag reader YXK5 is a high-performance UHF UHF RFID tag reader based on the IMPINJ R2000 chip. It is completely independent intellectual property design, combined with a proprietary high-efficiency signal processing algorithm. At the same time of high read rate, it realizes fast reading and writing of electronic tags. It is widely used in warehouse access, book management, weighing management, logistics sorting, intelligent transportation, access control system, anti-counterfeiting system and production process control. Radio frequency identification (RFID) system.

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