Application advantages of RFID Technology in AGV car

      I believe that most readers do not know much about AGV and RFID. AGV was first used in warehouse management. In 1954, the first AGV in the world was put into operation in the warehouse of Mercury Motor Freight Company in the state of South Carolina in the United States, which was used to realize the automatic transportation of incoming and outgoing goods.

      With the rapid development of logistics system, AGV system studies and designs a driverless car system based on electromagnetic navigation.Through the actual hardware experiments, the system can meet the expected design requirements, can be widely used in industrial, military, transportation, electronics and other fields, and has good environmental adaptability, strong anti-interference ability and target recognition ability.

The concept of AGV.
      AGV is a kind of automatic guided transport vehicle powered by battery, which is equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance devices. It can drive along the prescribed guidance path. It is a transport vehicle with safety protection and various load transfer functions. Rely on the enterprise's respective technical algorithms, robot scheduling system, warehouse management system and other core technical support to complete a variety of picking, handling and distribution. It can be charged automatically, has a high degree of automation, is convenient, occupies a small area, and can travel back and forth freely in various workshops with great flexibility. it has been widely used in e-commerce, express delivery, warehousing and sorting, automobile, tobacco, medicine, 3C, clothing and other types of enterprises and manufacturing industries


RFID, is the radio frequency identification technology, which is a new scheme to solve all kinds of magnetic navigation problems. Because RFID will not be affected by magnetic stripe, laying, environment and other factors, AGV RFID reader can accurately identify AGV landmarks, so it can control AGV in a variety of key nodes.


the advantages of long-distance and high-speed RFID positioning technology.     

(1) strong penetration, can easily penetrate the object to read the label, does not affect the reading distance. 

(2) strong anti-interference, other frequency band technology is vulnerable to environmental humidity, noise, oil pollution, electromagnetic field, strong vibration and other factors, easy to read the card unstable, resulting in data packet loss or unable to read the label, morning control AGV card reader is not easy to be disturbed, to avoid these problems 

(3) the card reading distance is moderate and stable. In order to stop accurately, the AGV sensor (that is, the card reader) must have a stable and reasonable card reading distance. Reading distance too close means that the AGV chassis has to do very low, which undoubtedly increases the equipment failure rate; reading distance means that the positioning is not accurate, the robot has not arrived at the station but has read the label to stop, and morning control technology AGV card reader is very good to solve such problems, Mima-S05 can be accurately controlled at Mima-S06 10cm, for some special requirements of the scene, the card reading distance can also be set to control to 15-20cm.   

(4) the speed of reading the card is fast, and the stable reading speed of the tag is more than 2 m / s. When the AGV is accelerated, there will be no situation that the ordinary RFID reader can not read the electronic tag.

RFID in AGV AGV is controlled by PLC, and the car is equipped with a wireless communication system, which can communicate wirelessly with the host computer, report its running position and working status, execute the instructions of the host computer, and transmit the work beat and workload to the host computer in time. AGV reads ground signs through RFID and makes corresponding actions (changing speed, turning, positioning and parking, etc.) PLC can not only control the car according to the pre-set program, but also upload the data to the host computer, and then control the car according to the instructions of the host computer.

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