RFID Enterprise Resource Tracking System Solution

RFID Enterprise Resource Tracking System Solution

Enterprise Resource Tracking System (ERTS) provides a reliable solution for tracking employees, assets and laptops to meet different needs. ERTS uses active RFID technology to track the location of employees, assets, and laptops in different areas, monitor personnel access and attendance, and provides an easy-to-use interface to trigger external alarms, as well as other biometrics provided by Ruifengde Solution integration.

ERTS has the following advantages: Efficient use of active RFID tags to manage employees, assets and notebooks; associate people with movable assets; long-distance transmission; tamper alarm, mobile alarm and emergency buttons with different models can meet different needs; Ideal for protecting valuables / important assets; providing full audit trail and time recording for all incidents and alarms.

RFID device management software

ERTS collects and manages tag information and status from active RFID readers installed at the target location. In practice, the card reader is set by region. For each door, the reader is set for the main door. You can easily track the location of employees, valuable assets, and notebooks, and monitor events at the door.

Associate movable assets and notebooks with employees. An alarm is triggered when an unauthorized employee walks through a door with a laptop or valuable assets. The alarm system can be further combined with surveillance systems or FxAlert to fully identify suspects.

ERTS is an ideal solution for customers who need to protect their valuable assets. It also meets the tracking needs of the following user groups:

■ Government-employee, notebook and sensitive asset tracking

■ Military-tracking of employees, weapons and valuable assets

■ Large enterprises-employee, notebook and asset tracking

■ Hospital-patient and equipment tracking

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