RFID file management system solution

With the continuous development of social science and technology, "spy" incidents of state organs and agencies occur from time to time in order to strengthen the management of confidential files, prevent the leakage of confidential files, and maintain the integrity and security of national information. One of company has developed an RFID confidential file positioning monitoring system. The system uses advanced RFID automatic identification technology and computer technology. The RFID electronic tag is pasted on the file bag as an information storage medium. Equipments such as batch loan terminals, mobile point-cashing terminals, and omnidirectional anti-theft channels are coordinated with the back-end database management system to track and manage the entire process of the archives. The system has strict specifications and requirements for the processes of unified coding of files, registration of admission, borrowing, return, search, inventory, real-time monitoring, etc., which improves the speed of file checking, lending, and return, and improves the accuracy of racking. And enhance the information management level of archives management.

RFID technology can be used in several aspects in archives management:

(I). Statistic of physical files: Enter the full file number, directory number, file title, file number and storage location of the file in the tag through the RFID read-write device. Install tags in the archives files, and at the same time, transfer this information to the server through the network, which is processed by special management software to form a database. After this work is completed, the staff can use the intelligent archive rack automatic inventory counting system when collecting archives, and it is no longer necessary to check each case file.

(II) Management of physical archives: By installing intelligent security detection doors at the entrance of the archives warehouse, the tag information is collected in real time. If the physical archives are not authorized to go out of the warehouse, the system will immediately link with the security system to ensure that the archives are safe . If an authorized file is taken out of the warehouse, the software will automatically record the warehouse information and make statistics.

(3) Correspondence with the digital archives project: On the one hand, the digital information of the archive can be written in the label, so that only the label can be scanned during the adjustment and return process of the digitalization of the archive. Missing sweep. On the other hand, the tag information can be connected to the archive management software through an interface program. When using the archive, the archive management software is used to retrieve the files that need to be adjusted. The system will directly send the information of these archives to the terminal. You can directly find the files in the archives warehouse to achieve fast and accurate file adjustment. If cooperated with the intelligent file shelf, this information can realize that the file shelf can automatically open the shelf where the file is located. The shifter can open the shelf to find the required file according to the indicator of the intelligent file shelf. The entire process can be completed in 10 seconds. Secondly, in the process of borrowing the files, the access control system that reads the tag information can ensure that the files will not be taken out of the file borrowing room, ensuring the safe use of the files.

Second, system characteristics

1, file box, file bag can be managed

(2) Two management modes: file box and file bag. The number of files in each box (bag) is calculated. Any missing file will be displayed in the system.

2, the filing cabinet authorized to open the cabinet

The filing cabinet has an access control controller, which can be judged offline / online, and supports overtime alarm for door opening, alarm for abnormal door opening, and video linkage for filing cabinet door opening.

3. Real-time on-shelf positioning monitoring of files

Achieve file box-level positioning / monitoring. There is a fixed level and position for each file box accurately. Any file box placement error will be prompted.

4. File anti-theft

The unique identification of the file bag, the carrier of data collection in all aspects of file management, can store the basic information of the file and the status of receipt and return, etc., and is used for security control of file entry and exit to achieve the purpose of theft prevention and monitoring.

5. Quickly organize files and find them quickly

The system provides a wealth of shelves, inventory and search functions, further saving time and manpower to organize files.

6. With librarian workstation, self-service loan can be realized

Combining the borrowing card and work card of readers and managers, you can also implement various operations of file management, including: information entry, batch borrowing and return.

7. Intelligent real-time inventory file management

RFID intelligent real-time inventory archive management system is the latest product based on RFID (radio frequency) technology research and development based on user needs. It is also the most advanced archive management system in China. Compared with a barcode inventory management system, it has an inventory archive. The advantages of standardized management, real-time monitoring of the status of the cabinet, and high accuracy of real-time inventory. The hardware system is based on a highly reliable PLC, and the human-machine interface uses a 10.2 color LCD display touch screen. And use the local area network for the entire system networking. It has the characteristics of rich display content and simple operation. The accuracy rate of inventory in the cabinet file reached 100%. Can control the automatic layer selection file cabinet under the running environment.

RFID intelligent real-time inventory file management system. Its filing cabinet uses high-quality cold-rolled steel plates produced by Baosteel and is precision-made by CNC sheet metal processing equipment. The chain sprocket of the transmission mechanism uses high-quality chain sprocket produced by national brand-name products. It has the advantages of low transmission noise and low elongation. In order to ensure the correct position of the file box in the bucket, we also set up the anti-fall book stand in the bucket and set a custom adjustment area; The required files are accurately obtained in the shortest time, and a laser indicating and identifying device is set up; the system uses a light curtain safety protection device to effectively ensure the safety of people and equipment; and an emergency brake button can be used for emergency braking equipment. The device is equipped with two emergency access schemes: in the case of system failure, the emergency manual button is used to complete the file access; in the case of power failure, after the main power is cut off, the emergency hand crank completes the file access

The RFID intelligent real-time inventory library file management system uses a 10.2-inch color liquid crystal touch display. The file radio frequency tags are scanned in real time through a set of fixed high-frequency RFID readers in the cabinet to complete the file entry, record and file inventory. Data update takes only 2-3 seconds.

Implementation process

Initialization: Load the file with the RFID electronic tag into the file cabinet. After completing one layer, the position information of the file data in this layer is automatically entered into the database. The time required is 2-3 seconds. According to the above process, the file loading of all layers of the cabinet is completed. , The cabinet file data location information is automatically entered into the database, initialization is complete.

Borrowing and returning: The upper computer issues a borrowing or returning instruction, the filing cabinet runs to the access window, the corresponding laser indicator lights up, the user removes or stores the file, and the data is updated immediately.

In-store archives access control management system: Unauthorized archives exit door alarm, automatic camera data acquisition.

Can achieve main functions

1), the upper computer automatically counts the files in the cabinet in real time

2) Local machine automatically inventory the cabinet files in real time

3), multiple upper computer network management files

4), database RF tag management file

5), file management report printing

6), running status display

7), operation log record

8) 、 Light curtain safety protection

9), manual / automatic layer walking

10), emergency hand-crank function

11), slow stop slow start function

12), automatic door

13), the file is located to this

14) 、 Access control in archives

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