Where can RFID tags be used?

Where can RFID tags be used?

1. Logistics: cargo tracking, automatic information collection, warehousing application, port application, express delivery in the logistics process.

2. Retail: real-time statistics of product sales data, replenishment, anti-theft.

3. Manufacturing industry: real-time monitoring of production data, quality tracking, and automated production.

4. Apparel industry: automated production, warehouse management, brand management, single product management, channel management.

5. Medical: medical device management, patient identification, baby anti-theft.

6. Identification: electronic passports, ID cards, student IDs and other electronic documents.

7. Anti-counterfeiting: Anti-counterfeiting of valuables (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs), ticket anti-counterfeiting, etc.

8. Asset management: all kinds of assets (precious or large quantities with high similarity or dangerous goods, etc.).

9. Transportation: high-speed non-stop, taxi management, bus hub management, railway locomotive identification, etc.

10. Food: Freshness management of fruits, vegetables, fresh food and food.

11. Animal identification: identification and management of training animals, livestock, pets, etc.

12. Libraries: bookstores, libraries, publishing houses, etc.

13. Automobile: manufacture, anti-theft, positioning, car key.

14. Aviation: Manufacturing, passenger tickets, luggage tracking.

15. Military: Identification and tracking of ammunition, firearms, supplies, personnel, trucks, etc.

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